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Yousign Organizes 5 Demo Webinars per Month with Livestorm

Alexis Michel, Growth Marketer, explains how Yousign uses Livestorm to qualify its prospects through product demo webinars.







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About Yousign

Yousign is a French electronic signature solution. Yousign has experienced strong growth in recent years and the company is now used by more than 10,000 customers in France. The company also brings together more than 200 employees.


Results seen with Livestorm


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Adoption: need for a professional platform

Before using Livestorm, Yousign had organized a few webinars on YouTube, in order to test its webinar strategy. Although the first webinar on YouTube went relatively well, Alexis encountered technical problems for the subsequent sessions. He recalls,

We realized we needed a professional webinar platform that offers real engagement features.

In the end, it was the integrated promotion functionalities and the ease of use of Livestorm convinced the Yousign teams. Alexis explains,

With Livestorm, I can create a webinar and generate a registration page in seconds.

Objectives: demo webinars to stand out

To set up his webinar strategy, Alexis did a lot of research. In particular, he watched the webinars of Yousign's competitors. He explains, "Some of our competitors were sharing PowerPoint presentations for an hour and without any human touch. It was extremely boring."

His team decided to take the opposite view and organize highly interactive webinars that are limited to 30 minutes only. Attendees can ask questions at any time and presenters can answer them using the question upvote and live answer features.

Alexis insists, "We noticed that there is a buzz before and after the demo, and it generates a lot of interest".

Yousign Webinar

The figures are there to prove it: Yousign organizes 5 demo webinars per month and the participation rate is 66% on average!


Yousign's favorite features


Connect to the event room directly from a browser without downloading software.

Email cadences

Send unlimited customized reminders and follow-up emails. Use plain text or custom HTML.

Registration pages

Easily create and customize registration pages that are optimized for conversion.

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Alexis promotes product demo webinars through email campaigns. The webinars are also highlighted in Yousign's weekly newsletter. Additionally, emails are sent to all active leads in the CRM, except those in the late stage, to re-engage them and expedite the sales process.

Alexis notes that the participation rate for Yousign's product demo webinars is high, he partly explains this by the ease of connecting to the webinar.

Registrants receive automatic reminder emails and connect to the webinar, without downloading anything.

Once prospects have visited a sign-up page and registered, reminders are sent automatically using Livestorm's email cadences. Alexis comments,

There's no need to create workflows to send reminder emails as everything is on autopilot with email cadences.

Diversification of the use of Livestorm

Following this success, Yousign now also organizes product launch webinars once a quarter to present the new features of its platform.

Yousign team members

This format is very popular with Yousign customers since it generates more than a hundred registrations.

In the coming months, Yousign will continue to use Livestorm for its demos and product launch webinars. The company will also start organizing similar webinars in English and German.

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“To create and deliver professional-level online presentations, you need to use Livestorm! All the features that every modern Marketer dreams of are there.”

Alexis Michel


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