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Yousign is a digital signature software based in France. They provide a software and an API to insurance companies and big corporate groups, mostly in France.

Alexis Michel, Growth Marketer at Yousign, has kindly shared a few insights on how they do webinars and how they use Livestorm to generate/qualify leads.

How Yousign is Doing Webinars?

Basically, it goes like this. In 15 minutes we present :

Then, we do a live demo of Yousign. We noticed that this demo was very useful to show the capabilities of our product to our attendees. This is why we squeeze the presentation part to 15 minutes max.

I watched a lot of webinars, mostly from our competitors, when we were trying to figure out how we would do it. And I noticed that they were extremely boring, they would run a dull Powerpoint presentation for one hour. It had no human touch at all.

We take the opposite view. From the first minute to the last we do not share a single Powerpoint presentation. We share our webcam and we people to ask as much questions as they want, anytime.

We usually have two persons hosting the webinar: myself and the CEO of Yousign. I would do the marketing presentation and I wanted to have the CEO by my side to create a sense of exclusivity for those live sessions.

Yousign is growing fast and our CEO is no longer taking care of sending the newsletter or handling the customer support. So when we invite the CEO to our live webinars we create an exclusive moment. Our CEO has become part of our branding.

What is Yousign Webinar Promotion Playbook?

Our webinar promotion strategy relies on three main channels: social media, customer success and mailing campaigns.

When we plan a new webinar, we let everyone in the company know about it. We send the registration links to the support team as well as our social media agency to contact the influencers.

The external promotion is responsible for 50% of our webinar registrations. The other 50% comes mostly from mailing campaigns.

1. Webinar Promotion: Social Media Strategy

On social media, we use Twitter as a branding and corporate communication tool. Hence the ton we have, which is completely different from Facebook’s.

On Facebook, we want to have a friendlier image. Closer to our community, as if were talking to our near circle of friends.

We don’t get much registrations on our webinars from the latter. But since our friends and family share everything that we do on Facebook, it has indirect, positive, effects on our recruitment for example.

So indirectly, our webinars contribute to our recruitment efforts.

2. Webinar Promotion: Newsletter & emailing campaigns

We have a weekly newsletter in which we include a link to the webinar landing page. Each time we send that newsletter, we get a few registrations to our webinars.

I also send an emailing campaign with Drip to all the active leads on our CRM, except the ones in late stages, as well as the users still in trial.

Sending a drip campaign to our leads inside our CRM has allowed us to find a pretext to re-engage those leads and accelerate the closing process (or to mark the deal as lost).

Any last tips?

We had recently 77% open rate for a few hundreds people for the following email subject: “I’m saving you a seat”. I stoled this subject line from Barack Obama’s emailing campaigns.

It makes total sense for us since it’s a live exclusive session with Yousign’s CEO.

Your Experience with Livestorm

We used to do webinars with Youtube Live as an experimentation. We started with YouTube Live despite of the terrible UX because it allowed us to really test the webinar channel with our audience.

The first webinar went well but we encountered some technical issues with the next ones. At some point we realised that we needed a more professional platform.

What’s great about Livestorm is that we can create qualitative content easily and it’s way cheaper than writing an ebook for example. It takes less time and less resources.

With Livestorm, it takes seconds to create a webinar and generate a landing page. Yet, we usually take a 10 days timeline before the webinar to setup the promotional channels.

We are now getting around 50% conversion from registration to attendance and we’re aiming for 60% in the next few months

"What’s great about Livestorm is that we can create qualitative content easily and it’s way cheaper than writing an ebook for example. It takes less time and less resources. It takes seconds to create a webinar and generate a landing page."

Alexis Michel Yousign
Alexis Michel, Growth Marketing @ Yousign
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