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Create and update contacts based on their event engagement.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is an interconnected suite of SaaS applications that manage everything from enterprise resource planning to customer relationship management. With over a dozen apps and add-ons to choose from, Microsoft dynamics is a one-stop solution for enterprises around the world.

Why integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Livestorm?

The integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Livestorm will give you full control over your Livestorm contacts. Improve the way you collect, modify and track contacts directly within your CRM with this integration.

Sync your data

With this integration, you can sync your Livestorm contacts to Microsoft Dynamics in order to manage and refine your data. It’s easy to operate your CRM strategy with direct syncing, Livestorm registrants are simply added right to your Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Manage contacts

Your contacts activity in Livestorm meetings, events, or webinars is tracked right in your CRM. Manage these contacts as you choose based on their participation or registration status.

This integration supports the following triggers and actions:

  • Event published
  • New registrant
  • Session ended
  • Contact updated
  • Create account
  • Create contact or lead

Read more about triggers and actions.

How to integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Livestorm

You can integrate your Microsoft Dynamics and Livestorm accounts without any coding thanks to Zapier. Simply authenticate Livestorm and Microsoft Dynamics, pick one of the apps as a trigger, and select the data you wish to send from one app to the other. Read more instructions on integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Livestorm.

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