Learn how to push leads from Livestorm to Salesforce. Sync your events with your sales efforts to speed up your closing cycles.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the #1 global CRM solution that helps companies manage leads, contacts and accounts. With Salesforce you can create and animate campaigns. Salesforce’s integrated platform gives every department in an organization one single, shared view of a customer. This makes it easy for marketing, sales, customer support, and IT teams to manage information at scale.

Why integrate Salesforce with Livestorm?

With this native integration you will be able to seamlessly send your event data from Livestorm to your Salesforce account.

Create leads fast

Thanks to this native integration, you can automatically create leads in Salesforce for every new registrant to a Livestorm event. This makes lead generation super fast!

Manage every part of your campaigns

The Livestorm and Salesforce integration makes it so that you can choose whether to create campaigns in Salesforce for every new Livestorm event that is published.

You will be able to determine whether to attach every registrant as a Campaign Member of the particular event they registered for. The registrants may be replicated either as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. With this integration, you’ll get an overview of all registrants for each event.


Qualify and nurture leads

After an event ends, all Campaign Members will be updated with their own attendance status and engagement information, so that you can qualify or score them and nurture them accordingly. Additionally, this per event and registrant zooming lens will let you analyze the impact of your Livestorm events if new Salesforce Oppositions are created following an event.

How to integrate Salesforce with Livestorm

Integrating Livestorm and Salesforce is easy! Simply log into your Livestorm account, navigate to the Salesforce card, and click “Connect” to add your Salesforce account. After accepting some permissions, you’re good to go. Disconnecting is just as easy, you do the same process but opt to disconnect your account.

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