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What is this webinar integration for?

Use the iframe mode on Livestorm to replace our video tech by your Youtube Live embed code. This is great for if you have live events going on such as demo days, conferences, keynotes, etc.

Why having Livestorm + YouTube Live is relevant for my webinars?

Having the possibility to show a YouTube Live event in your webinar room has a few advantages:

  • More compatibility across different devices and networks
  • More scalability for really big events
  • Instant replay posted on YouTube
  • Going back in time to see what you missed

Why having it on Livestorm is relevant?

Having YouTube Live on Livestorm will add more value to your live events by bringing:

  • More data via registration forms
  • More data via polls answers
  • More engaging feature (chat, mentions, questions, etc.)
  • Email reminders to make sure everybody attend the event
  • Analytics + CSV exports

What do I need to set it up and how?

To connect your Livestorm account to Youtube Live all you need is to paste your tag on the Iframe text area in your webinar settings. Save and voilà.

Note: there are several tutorials on the Web on how to publish your stream to Youtube Live, but we recommend using free open source softwares such as OBS on OSX or X-Split for Windows.

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