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Live Q&A

Host live Q&As and use questions or polls features to generate engagement from your live audience. Build your community with real-time discussions.
Live Q&As
Add questions, polls and chats to your video strategy
Live events are the perfect way to connect with your audience. Have authentic interactions in real-time, gather feedback, and repurpose your recordings for unlimited uses.
Build a community
Connect and engage to your audience, no matter where they are in the world. Live discussions make your events a key tool in your company toolbox.
Create engaging discussions
Create a one-to-many discussion with your audience. Use the chat, question and poll functionalities to engage with your attendees.
Never stop creating
The value of your live interactions continues after the live event. Repurpose your live Q&A into a written blog post or share the replay on social media.

Use Livestorm to run your Live Q&As

Optimize for engagement

Livestorm has built-in chat, question and poll tabs. Engaging with your audience is easier than ever.

Maintain a secure event

Adjust the privacy settings as you like. Keep participants anonymous during live Q&As or hide last names.

Moderate with ease

You can add as many moderators as you need for your live AMAs. Inappropriate actors can be kicked from the room.

Invite everyone

Load your existing contact list and send invites in seconds. Or integrate your own emailing system to manage invites on your own.

Learn about participants

Access participant information to learn more about each event. Find out who was engaged, who attended, and more.

Hear feedback

Gather instant feedback from your audience during your Q&As. Tailor future presentations to match this feedback.

Maximize participation

Livestorm events get a 46% attendance rate on average. That is about 15 points above most competing platforms.

Put replays on autopilot

Livestorm automatically records your Q&As, and sends them to all of your registrants after the show.

Never stop customizing

Customize the registration page and emails to fit your brand.

4,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

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Consistently praised by Livestorm users on review sites
« What I found interesting with Livestorm was the fact there was nothing to install, that everything was web-based. The ease-of-use and UX were also a big plus. It is really efficient. »
Anthony Brebion
Product Marketing Manager
« We use Livestorm for internal “all-hands” meetings. This way, remote teams and travelling staff are all able to join important meetings from anywhere in the world. »
Adrien Gaucher
Account Manager
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