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AMAs & Live Q&As

A webinar software for your AMA and Live Q&A

Host video AMAs (Ask Me Anything), use live Q&A features to gather questions and let your audience vote for the most interesting ones. Invite personalities in your space to diversify your sessions.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

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AMAs & Live Q&As
They run live AMA shows with Livestorm
These companies are already hosting live video AMAs thanks to Livestorm. Whether you want to make AMAs an integral part of your content marketing strategy or build your online community, Livestorm is the right fit for you.
Read their stories
« People come to us to learn how to do webinars, and we have successfully trained people on the platform. Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use. »
Poppy Acton Davis
Global Account Manager
« Livestorm allowed us to acquire new customers and offer an alternative to our 1:1 demos. In the past, we hosted a demo using Facebook Live and it created less engagement than Livestorm. »
Clément Spiers
Lead Generation Manager
« We were looking for a simple webinar software that was not over-engineered. If you do a side-by-side feature comparison, Livestorm competes very well with the other webinar players. »
Bill Miksich
Director of Demand Generation
Healthy online discussions
Optimize for interactions
Livestorm comes with all the interaction tools you'll ever need to run a successful live AMA, or live Q&A. Chat, questions, polls, it's all there!
Choose the level of privacy
We have your participants' right to anonymity at heart. With Livestorm, you're in control of the degree of privacy of your live AMA. Hide last names, hide the participants' list, the questions...
Moderate your live AMA
Online interactions are tough to control. Get as many moderators involved as you need. Forget about dealing with online trolls and out-of-place questions during your live AMA.
Build your community
Invite your community
Already have a list of contacts waiting for your next live Q&A? Load them up on Livestorm and send all the invites in seconds, or integrate your own emailing system to manage it all by yourself.
Get to know your audience
Learn from each event with insights on your participants. Understand what clicked and what didn't, keep inviting more exciting guests each time.
Poll your audience
Crowdsource useful information straight from your audience by lauching polls during your live AMAs. Taylor your next AMAs to their liking.
Extend your AMA's reach
Maximize participation
Livestorm events get a 46% attendance rate on average. That is about 15 full points above most competing platforms.
Automatically record your replay
After the session, the HD recording is 100% yours and ready to be used any way you like. Automatically send it to registrants or upload it on your social platforms.
Customize everything
Need to adapt the message to your branding? Personalize your emails and registration page to fit your own brand and design.
AMAs & Live Q&As
Bring live video AMAs into your marketing strategy
Having AMA as part of your marketing strategy will allow you to benefit from all the feedback you can get while providing interesting content to your customers and leads. They allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Last but not least, they allow you to repurpose the content of the live AMA webinars into video replays that your can share online.
Build a community
AMAs are no-brainers. They're easy to set up and, you don't have to prepare much, just make sure there's an audience to ask questions.
Share great content
Live AMA sessions are an opportunity to create fun and entertaining content for your audience. Get insightful and polarizing personalities on stage.
Repurpose at will
The value of your AMA continues after the live event. Repurpose your live AMA into a written blog post or share the replay social media.
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