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Hiring Sessions

Present your company to applicants with webinar software

Run efficient recruiting sessions by presenting your company and your open roles to a large number of job candidates at once. Define your hiring process by sharing any media you need.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

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Hiring Sessions
They host efficient hiring sessions with Livestorm
Companies from all backgrounds rely on Livestorm to present their job offers to a large number of candidates. Whether you want to present your company culture or choose to deep dive into a specific open role, Livestorm webinars and interaction features allow you to clearly share your message.
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« People come to us to learn how to do webinars, and we have successfully trained people on the platform. Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use. »
Poppy Acton Davis
Global Account Manager
Manage hiring events
Create beautiful registration pages
Let job seekers register to your presentation sessions from a page that suits your own design. Or manage the page yourself and automatically send registrants to Livestorm.
Embed upcoming events
Let your potential job candidates find out about your hiring events from anywhere on your site by embedding your future online hiring sessions.
Easily manage hiring sessions
Livestorm has a built-in system to manage sessions for similar events. Simply duplicate online hiring sessions to create new ones and show them on your events and hiring page.
Make the most of remote events
Include everyone
Benefit from online meetings to be inclusive in your hiring practices. Anonymize all participations, and indiscriminately address all prospects.
Extend your reach
Reach potential job candidates around the world with the benefit of live video. Show your open roles to potential talents that wouldn't have been able to come for a live interview.
Answer every single question
Make your online hiring sessions as useful as they can be. Allow participants to ask questions without disrupting the course of the presentation and answer them live.
Give compelling presentations
Share any material you like
Show slides, share videos, present with your webcam, you're in complete control of how to present.
Invite teammates on stage
Want to invite a colleague to share their first-hand experience about their job? Invite them on stage simply by clicking on a button.
Hiring Sessions
Company presentations that scale.
With Livestorm, you can easily scale presentations to large batches of job candidates. Set up your event in less than ten minutes, upload your presentations and you're all set.
Reach candidates all over the World
Hosting online live sessions ensures that even remote candidates or those currently traveling can attend it.
Richer presentations
Easily broadcast your presentation with no setup time required. Share any app on your computer.
Bring teammates on stage
Cover more information by inviting teammates to the stage. Let them present with you or for you.
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