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Video Podcasts & Interviews

A webinar software for video podcasts and interviews

Looking for a solution to host a live video podcast with guest speakers? Livestorm handles (almost) everything for you. You'll just have to plug your webcam and start interviewing.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

4.7 stars - 300+ reviews

Video Podcasts & Interviews
They trust Livestorm with the success of their live video podcasts
These companies have chosen Livestorm's webinar software to host their video podcasts and interviews. Video podcasts are a brilliant way to share quality content with their audience. Once over, it's easy to recycle the session in audio, video, or text format for all your marketing platforms.
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« We use Livestorm for internal “all-hands” meetings. This way, remote teams and travelling staff are all able to join important meetings from anywhere in the world. »
Adrien Gaucher
Account Manager
« We were looking for a simple webinar software that was not over-engineered. If you do a side-by-side feature comparison, Livestorm competes very well with the other webinar players. »
Bill Miksich
Director of Demand Generation
Made for friendly interactions
Listen to your audience and react live
Make your live video podcast entertaining and engaging. Allow viewers to chat during the show. Take their questions and answer them live, ask for their opinion by running polls.
From one-on-one interviews to roundtables
Livestorm is flexible. You can host any event type, from one-on-one discussions to 6-people roundtables.
Get the full benefit of video
Share any material needed for your video podcast, either by screen sharing, uploading a media or embedding a video from Youtube.
Moderate with ease
Surface the best content from your audience
Allow your audience to vote on the best questions to focus your video podcast around the discussions your viewers want to see.
Handle the heat
Manage detractors of your live video podcast by moderating the chat, questions, and kicking viewers if necessary.
Invite as many moderators as you need
Moderators can join the room to help you keep things friendly.
We do it live
Keep using the tools you like
Livestorm adapts to your existing setup. If you're using OBS, XSplit or any other streaming platform, you can broadcast on Livestorm.
The best support in town
You'll be in good hands with Livestorm. We have the success of your video podcasts at heart and will assist you in any way possible so you and your viewers have a blast.
Video Podcasts & Interviews
Build a remarkable brand with video podcasts
Live video podcasts will allow you to build a huge amount of content and create a direct relationship with your audience in a much stronger way than is possible through text.
Build your community
The video medium is a great way to create a stronger relationship between you and your community.
Multi-purpose videos
Live video podcasts can be repurposed into blog posts, slides or audio podcasts.
Start under minutes
Creating a live show is super easy. Livestorm handles the technical details and helps you save time.
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