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Brevo Increases Registrants by 800% per Month with Livestorm

We interviewed Brevo’s dynamic Field Marketing Specialist Laura Parra to find out how she maximized Livestorm to increase the team’s volume of registrants, maintain strong attendance rates, and streamline workflow.







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An evolved all-in-one email marketing platform

Brevo was founded as an email marketing platform to empower all businesses to build and grow relationships with their customers across all digital channels and at an attractive price tag. Since its inception in 2012, Brevo has been evolving to put more power in its customers’ hands by adding a collection of state-of-the-art marketing and sales features, shifting from an emailing platform to an all-in-one marketing platform. Today, Brevo serves over 300K businesses of all sizes in 160 countries.


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Supporting international growth by combining marketing and sales efforts

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura Parra, Brevo’s dynamic Field Marketing Specialist who joined the team in August 2020. Laura’s most important mission is to promote their Enterprise solution, which consists of tailormade plans as well as “best-in-class services and features” that are marketed to larger companies. Branding makes up a close second mission for her and is crucial for ensuring that Brevo is seen as a leader in the market.

Both Laura and the Sales team work towards a common goal of gaining better-qualified leads, higher engagement, and a competitive edge. To achieve this, she leverages various types of content with an inbound focus that helps with the discovery of their platform, including ebooks, case studies, and events.

Laura told us that Brevo has enjoyed a lot of success, seeing $160M USD raised in Series B funding in October 2020. With this, the company put in place a plan to accelerate its international development, especially as 70% of the company’s revenue was from outside of France. The U.S. market made up their fastest-growing region, with 100% year-over-year growth between 2018 and 2020.

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Creating a human connection at scale without friction

Driving international development was not an easy task. Laura and the Brevo team knew that they needed to enrich their value proposition in order to gain a foothold in new markets and also continue their growth in the U.S. These expansion goals also meant that they would need to significantly increase the volume of high-quality sales leads without losing engagement. Laura said,

We wanted to make sure that we could properly connect with our customers in their time zone and language.

The team needed a solution that would not only allow them to reach global audiences but also create meaningful touchpoints that combined human connection, interactivity, and user experience. Doing all of this without friction, especially for the time-strapped Marketing and Sales teams, was essential.

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Taking full advantage of Livestorm’s automation and marketing features

In staying true to the company’s belief in content-driven marketing, Laura and her team turned to digital events as a one-to-many way to connect with valuable leads from around the world. These digital events would be promoted through paid and social channels and revolved around topics and discussions that resonated the most with leads who were deciding on marketing software.

The video engagement platform Livestorm was already integrated into Brevo’s marketing stack when Laura started, which meant that she was able to hit the ground running. Right away, the savvy marketer maximized Livestorm’s capabilities by leaning on its powerful online event features.

On the platform’s automation feature, Laura enthused,

The fact that I can get a video to start and end automatically is really convenient and saves a lot of manual intervention.

She found the data visualization and export function perfect for retrieving valuable insights on registrants, questions, and chat messages. The customization capabilities ensured that registration forms and emails were always on-brand. Laura also put her event replays, which were available immediately after each event, to good use in her nurturing campaigns.

Working in close collaboration with the Sales team, Laura used Livestorm for three main use cases:

  1. Deep-dive webinars featuring Brevo subject matter experts who covered topics that concerned their customers the most, like deliverability and email marketing.
  2. Co-marketing events with partners and clients that took the form of panel discussions and presentations on various “hot topics”.
  3. Virtual tour webinars featuring high-quality, pre-recorded videos that ran automatically on a weekly basis in four different languages.

Elaborating on the third use case, Laura explained that each automated session would entail a 25-minute demo video, followed by a live Q&A hosted by a salesperson. She said,"The virtual tour webinars are particularly important for the sales team because they engage leads at a vital part of the customer journey".


Brevo's favorite features

Event automation

Automate the start and end, or automatically play a video to offer an experience that’s just like “live”.

Data export

Export data from your events including registrants’ data, chat messages, and questions.

Custom branding

Add your branding to all event assets like registration pages, email cadences, and your event room.

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Significant growth in monthly registrants, strong attendance, and improved workflow

After 12 months of leveraging Livestorm across three different use cases, Laura and the Brevo team noticed a positive impact in a number of areas. They were able to significantly increase the number of qualified registrants, see strong attendance rates, and save valuable time.

Registration volume, the most important metric for Laura, saw a sizable jump of 800% per month. She also noted that the attendees were much more involved and likely to convert because of the highly engaging format. Referring to the automated virtual tour webinars, Laura explained,

Since we started doing these recurring events we’re seeing an average of 1,800 registrants per month. Before this, we were limited to doing these events once a month and that saw an average of only 200 registrants.

Attendance rates, Laura’s second most important metric, recorded an average of 45%. This is right in line with Livestorm’s average of 46% for the SaaS industry and is 15% higher than the industry benchmark seen for the other webinar software in the market. She added,

We saw an attendance rate of 50% for our best-attended webinar on the topic of deliverability. The 45-minute event ended up going past the 60-minute mark because the questions just kept coming!

In addition to strong registration and attendance numbers, we were told that Livestorm’s automation capabilities and intuitive user experience helped Laura and the Brevo team streamline their workflow and save valuable time. They only needed to set these up once and everything else would run on its own.

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Looking Ahead

Letting the platform run its course

When asked what her future marketing plans looked like, Laura told us that she had no plans to stop using Livestorm because the platform has been running webinars reliably in the background. She would recommend it to her colleagues and business contacts for their video engagement needs, saying,"Livestorm is a very intuitive and complete platform. The features make event setup very easy, taking just a matter of minutes. Even after a year, I have never encountered a technical issue - it’s been very reliable."

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“Engagement on Livestorm is great: our 45-minute event ended up going past the 60-minute mark because the questions just kept coming!”

Laura Parra from Brevo

Laura Parra

Field Marketing Specialist

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