Webinar Glossary


An attendee is a registrant that enters the webinar room during an event.

What are webinar attendees?

Attendees are registrants of a webinar who enter the webinar room and watch the event at a designated date and time. Attendees can answer polls, and interact with others through chat and live q&as. Attendees cannot see other attendees, and can’t access their webcam or audio when in the webinar room unless they are invited on stage.

How can you measure the attendance rate?

The attendance rate is a metric that measures how many registrants actually attend a webinar. This is found with an attendance ratio.

Attendance rate % = Attendees / Registrants X 100

Learn more about attendance rate and key webinar metrics in the entry on webinar metrics.

How can you improve the attendance rate?

You can improve the attendance rate by:

  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Giving an incentive
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Choosing the best time

Develop a marketing plan

Low attendance rates can be caused by a failure to promote the webinar. Promoting a webinar involves reaching out before the event to exisiting and potential audiences.


Engage your audience

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Form Livestorm

Email, social media, and landing pages can be used to reach relevant audiences. And banners can be added to websites to remind site visitors about the upcoming event.

Provide an incentive

Incentives like free gifts, discounts, or company merchandise can increase the interest registrants have in attending. And sometimes the quality of the content is the best incentive. High-quality that helps and informs users can compel registrants to attend.

Recurring events

Create a sense of urgency

Placing a time limit on the registration page can create a sense of urgency for registrants. The content is perceived to be more valuable if there is a limited time to access it. Similarly, limited places can drive registrants to attend.

Choose the right time

Webinars have higher attendance rates when they are scheduled for mid-week in the morning or early afternoon. Weekends and evenings should be avoided.

No shows

Some registrants sign up for webinars with no plans to attend them because they are interested in receiving the replay. The number of registrants that watch the replay should be noted when considering attendance rates.


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