Webinar Glossary


A registrant is anyone who signs up for a webinar session.

What are webinar registrants?

A registrant is anyone who has signed up to attend a webinar. This occurs through a registration form located on a landing page or website. In a registration form, registrants exchange information about themselves for access to the webinar. Many webinars gate their content with a registration form.

Registration rate

Registrants to a webinar can be tracked manually through a mailing list, or automatically by a webinar platform. The registration rate is a metric measuring how many landing page visitors convert and register for a webinar.

Registration rate % = Registrations / (Registration page visits + email invites sent) * 100

Learn more about the registration rate and important webinar metrics in the entry on webinar metrics.

How to register to a webinar

Registering for a webinar happens in three steps:

  1. Open the webinar registration page
  2. Enter any required contact information into the registration form
  3. Click on the registration button
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Registration form webinar

After you have registered you will receive a confirmation. The confirmation may simply be a page redirect that informs you that you have registered. In most cases, email confirmations are also sent to your inbox.

How to track webinar registrations

Sometimes it is necessary to track registrations in third party software like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads. This is in software that allows for custom code integrations. It is also possible to integrate with other platforms with Zapier. Here is more information on these tracking options.

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