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We're opening a new functionality called Livestorm Meet 🎉 During the beta stage, it is available to all Livestorm users, including the ones on the free plan. Meet comes as an addition to the Livestorm suite, and we remain 100% focused on delivering the best webinar software on the planet.

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What is Livestorm Meet?

Livestorm Meet is an online video meeting software, allowing to have few-to-few remote conversations.

Meet powers live video calls with up to 4 people simultaneously. It comes with all the Livestorm functionalities you already love: no download, real-time video, sharing a screen or an application window, a friendly interface...

Why Livestorm Meet?

Meet is the next logical step in making Livestorm the best software to convert and educate with live video.

If you've ever hosted demo webinars for your product, you must have often found yourself in a situation where you wanted to give a more personalized presentation to one specific lead. Meet is the answer to that need.

You'll be able to invite anyone, your teammates, your prospects, your clients, in order to have a live conversation and share documents with them.

When we first started Livestorm, we knew from day one that we wanted to be more than just another webinar software. We just decided to go with the hardest part first. Product demonstrations or customer training are "jobs to be done" that need to be challenged from multiple angles. At Livestorm we have an holistic approach on the matter. Livestorm Meet is the start of something new for Livestorm that we will soon be announcing.

– Gilles Bertaux, CEO

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What can I do with Livestorm Meet?

Your company is given one meeting room that can be accessed by anyone with the link (even if they don't have a Livestorm account). You can lock the room so people have to ask your permission in order to access it. All participants need give access to their webcam and microphone to access the room. Within the room, each participant has full control over the stream they want to focus on.

Meet also shares a lot of the same features that Livestorm does. To name a few:

  • 100% browser-based, meaning it requires no download or install on your part
  • 100% live
  • Support sharing your screen or an app
  • Includes a text chat on the right hand side.

What is next for Livestorm Meet?

...Quite a lot, actually! Here's what you can expect to land soon:

  • Media sharing (just like what you can do in the classic Livestorm webinar room)
  • Multiple meeting rooms per account
  • Meetings scheduling
  • Meetings recording

To start using Meet, simply go to your Livestorm dashboard and look at the top left, right next to "My webinars".

We're excited to hear how you'll use this feature and learn about ways we could improve. So don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

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