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Customized Email Sequences

Introducing powerful customized email sequences around webinars on Livestorm. You can now customize your entire webinar process based on your needs!
September 2, 2019 • About 1 min. read

For anyone who's ever hosted or attended a webinar , you are probably convinced of one thing: emails make or break the webinar experience.

Ok… that might be a little dramatic. Still, emails make up a large part of the full webinar experience for your registrants and participants. They are their main information source leading up to the webinar. As such, they are a powerful tool to generate hype -or at the very least, interest- for your upcoming event and its topic. They can also provide important information leading up to the event, in case your attendees need to brush up on some knowledge beforehand.

Today, we are thrilled to bring you the biggest update we've made to the Livestorm webinar emailing system yet!

With Livestorm Custom Emails, you get extra flexibility in how to use Livestorm's emailing system for your webinars. This update also opens the door for a lot more opportunities that we'll be bringing in the coming months.

In short, now you can:

  • Add as many emails as you want (reminders before the event, follow ups after)
  • Use Livestorm templates and have more control on which elements you want to display (sharing buttons, etc.)
  • Customize your emails yourself with HTML
  • Have more control over the sender's profile (coming soon)

Add as many emails as you want in your webinar campaign

Originally you only had 5 slots for the automated emails around your webinars: "Confirmation", "Reminder", "Webinar is starting", "Thank you" and "Didn't show up".

Now, you have infinite freedom in the emails you create. You can use it to send more reminders, or continue your follow up emailing sequence once the webinar is over... or anything you want. Go nuts!

More control over the Livestorm template

Start from the template that Livestorm creates for you when you set up your webinar. Edit only parts of it to fit your brand and image. You can now remove or add certain elements. You can also modify key elements.

For example, you can remove the social media sharing buttons. You can also change the button's call to action (CTA) at will.

Fully customizable HTML in webinar emails

Want complete control over your emails' templates? Switch to HTML editing and start coding. You can use the WYSIWYG editor for basic content, or you can switch the editor to "source" in order to edit the HTML directly. A preview of your work is available on the right side, and you can send test emails to see how they look on a real email client.

More control over the sender's profile (coming soon)

Very soon, you will be able to edit the sender's profile to be anything you like. This will be particularly useful when the person managing the webinar invitation isn't the owner or organizer of the webinar.

This was a huge update for the Livestorm team, and we have prepared a lot of upcoming improvements for emails based on this release. So stay tuned if you rely on Livestorm emails for your webinars 🚀

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Thibaut Davoult
Growth Engineer @ Livestorm

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