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Engage Your Audience with Miro Whiteboards

Published on September 9, 2020 • Updated on December 7, 2022 • About 1 min. read

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The office whiteboard is the best place to map out ideas, visualize tasks, and collaborate with teammates. As more and more workers go remote, the whiteboard has also relocated to the digital ether. Virtual whiteboards are transforming the way that teams collaborate, present, and plan. That’s why we’ve decided to integrate the collaborative whiteboard platform, Miro, into Livestorm.

With this new integration between Miro and Livestorm, you can:

  • Collaborate with your team via Miro during internal webinars
  • Present your whiteboards to your audience using Livestorm
Video engagement

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Collaborate with your team

Virtual whiteboards let you collaborate with your team simultaneously. No matter where each team member is in the world, you can all come together to use the whiteboard during your internal webinars.

Cursor tracking lets you see where your teammates are on the page, making it easy to work together. And when you activate one of Miro’s attention management features, everyone on the team is brought to what you’re working on. This movement is picked up by Livestorm recordings.


Our native integration with Miro makes Livestorm the perfect tool for distributed teams. You can take notes and share on the board, host team workshops, and organize your brainstorming sessions with digital sticky notes. Also popular with designers, Miro’s extensive features make it easy to develop mockups.

Present what you want

Livestorm webinars come with a host of actions designed to make your presentations better. You can share your screen, upload a media, send a call to action, and share a whiteboard at the click of a button.

Miro’s pre-built templates let you hit the ground running during your presentations. You can use them to explain new tools during sales demos or present product roadmaps to your audience. Customer success teams can use Miro to train and onboard new clients along with Livestorm’s other interactive features. And just like in a real classroom, educators use whiteboards in their virtual Livestorm classrooms as they instruct students.


Whether you’re collaborating with guest speakers or teammates, Miro adapts for all participants. If you mark your board as public, anyone you’ve invited to it has access without having to sign up for Miro. They remain anonymous guest editors until they decide to make an account. This makes it super easy to get started on a project or jump into a presentation.

Our Miro integration is still in beta, send us your feedback at


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