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As is tradition with the beginning of each month, an update of what we achieved in June is in order!

Product Updates

We planned on focusing on stability updates for your webinars and live meetings, but we've also squeezed in a few improvements that we hope you'll enjoy!

Improved quality: 720p (HD) for everyone! 🖥

Yes, 720p recording is finally available for everyone. This format is also known as HD, or HD ready.

We've also made 720p available on Compatibility Mode (learn more about our suggested devices and browsers and technical requirements).

🚨 Bear in mind that the shared media (PDF and MP4) will still not be included in the classic replay, you'll still need the beta replay to achieve this. If having the shared media in your replay is important to you, get in touch with us so we can activate the beta replay for your account.

Stability Updates ⚡️

As expected, we spent the month of June mainly on stability updates and ensuring the best reliability possible for all webinars and meetings on Livestorm. We can say it's a few steps towards opening up our webinar rooms to more than 500 participants...

Improving integrations + Salesforce integration workflow 🔌

We published an article explaining how you can best integrate Livestorm with Salesforce and ensure your webinar data is properly sent to your Salesforce Contacts and Leads.

For all our customers who are using Segment, along with Personas or, we can send webinar data into Segment. Contact us for more information about setting it up!

New language: Finnish 🇫🇮

"Heippa"! We just wanted to finish this round of updates with a new translation ;)

We now cover almost all of the Nordic languages except Icelandic. But we really hope to meet our first customer in Iceland soon 👋

Livestorm news

We didn't stop at updating the Livestorm software. We also worked on new content for the website, to help you and visitors learn more about us.

Refined use cases 👋

Looking for ideas to make the most of Livestorm? We've updated the use cases on the website, showing the many different ways Livestorm can benefit your business. We present the main features that can help with each usage.

More customer success stories 🚀

We've also added 4 customer success stories that are as varied as they are interesting! Come check it out:

What’s on the roadmap 🗺

We're still working on reliability, which will help going over the 500 live attendees limit, among other things. And soon after we'll focus on improving how on-demand and automated webinars work with Livestorm.

We of course keep building the blocks to handle team-wide accounts. That will include exporting chat and questions by yourself (you won't have to ask us to do it for you anymore 🎉).

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