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Livestorm is Now a HubSpot Certified Partner

Livestorm has officially become a certified app partner with HubSpot, a leading CRM and marketing automation platform.

Published on October 30, 2023 • Updated on November 24, 2023 • About 2 min. read
hubspot certified partner

We are thrilled to announce that Livestorm has officially become a certified app partner with HubSpot, a leading CRM and marketing automation platform.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for us and reinforces our commitment to providing seamless and integrated webinar solutions for our valued customers.

With this certification, Livestorm can now offer even more powerful features and functionalities to help businesses thrive in their marketing efforts.

Livestorm is now a HubSpot Certified Partner

Being recognized as a HubSpot certified app partner is a testament to Livestorm's dedication to excellence and innovation in the webinar industry.

This certification not only validates the quality of our platform but also opens up a world of new opportunities for our users.

It allows us to work closely with HubSpot to ensure seamless data integration and a smoother user experience for our joint customers.

Over 1500 Installs and Counting!

Already more than 1500 companies have installed the HubSpot app on Livestorm to easily manage contact data between their events and CRM software.

This impressive number speaks to the trust and satisfaction our customers have in our platform.

We are deeply grateful to each and every user who has chosen Livestorm to power their webinars and virtual events.

Streamline Data Connectivity

Our partnership with HubSpot empowers Livestorm users to streamline their webinar and event data with their HubSpot CRM.

Here are some of the key use cases where customers are leveraging the integration:

Host Livestorm Webinar Registration Pages on HubSpot

With Livestorm's integration into HubSpot, customers can effortlessly create and embed webinar registration pages directly into their HubSpot landing pages.

This simplifies the process of promoting and managing webinars, increasing efficiency and engagement.

Register People to Livestorm Events via HubSpot Forms

Livestorm's integration with HubSpot forms allows users to seamlessly register attendees for Livestorm webinars and events directly through HubSpot forms.

This streamlines lead generation and event management, saving time and effort.


Send Leads from Livestorm to HubSpot

Automatically sync webinar attendee data to HubSpot, ensuring that no valuable lead information is lost. This real-time data transfer enables businesses to take immediate follow-up actions and nurture leads effectively.

Analyze Lead Engagement, Participation Rate, and Lead Quality within HubSpot

With Livestorm's data integrated into HubSpot, customers gain valuable insights into lead engagement, participation rates, and lead quality after each webinar or event.

This data allows for more informed marketing decisions and better understanding of campaign effectiveness.

Organize Leads Coming from Webinars into HubSpot Lists

Livestorm's integration enables businesses to categorize and segment leads coming from webinars into specific HubSpot lists.

This level of organization allows for targeted and personalized marketing strategies.

The possibilities are endless with Livestorm's integration with HubSpot.

As our partnership continues to evolve, we are committed to exploring new ways to improve our users' webinar experience and boost their marketing efforts.

Livestorm's HubSpot Certified App Partnership and the integration's success with over 1500 installs is a testament to our ongoing dedication to providing top-notch webinar solutions.

Our customers' satisfaction and success are at the heart of everything we do, and we are excited about the new horizons this partnership opens for them.

Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to enhance the Livestorm-HubSpot integration to make your webinar experience even more seamless and impactful.

Thank you for choosing Livestorm as your trusted webinar platform!


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