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This is our very first product update blog post! Yay 🎉!

In the future, we will try to keep this kind of post super short. The objective is to give you a quick update on what we’ve been shipping every two weeks. Also, we’ll give you a sneak peak of what is going to be shipped in the next two weeks.

This is why we created 3 main categories:

On branch master: Embed forms and calendar events links

Calendar links

First, one cool update on Livestorm: we finally have calendar links in our emails. This has been requested a lot. We will also deploy those links in a popup after your register for a webinar.

We now support those calendars:

Embed forms

Now this is awesome. You now can embed the form from your registration page in any page! You can now onboard people in your webinar from ANY PAGE you want.

gif silicon valley

Yay, iframes

The iframe snippet will be available in the webinar creation form. It goes something like this:

On branch dev: Zapier, stability, and replays.

In the next few weeks, we will test and stabilize the currently shipped features, improve the beta version of Livestorm and shipped some new features.

One big milestone is the replay compilation. We will work on compiling the different video files into one.

Also, we have already a beta version of a Zapier integration. We want to have a first version in which you will able to fetch any new attendee data or create a new attendee based the data you send.

Hope you like this new version when it comes to production. Let us know.

Keep streaming.

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