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Last update we made a significant step to support all the browsers in the web conferencing market. We took the time to debug and test and now we're ready to upgrade the data side of Livestorm.

Webinar Data Enrichment with Clearbit Integration

Remember our promise? You are going to get better leads from your webinars.

Well, here we are. We're happy to announce our latest native integration with Clearbit. This integration will by activated by default on all your webinars...For free.

What does it mean?

Basically, every time someone registers to a new webinar, we will enrich that profile using Clearbit based on their email to get additional info such as the phone number, the company name or the role.

How cool is that?

Note that, for now, the data will only be available in you CSV exports. Not in the dashboard and will not flow in our integrations. That's for our next release cycle.

Frictionless Registration

This post is also the perfect opportunity to share some important data points.

We have noted that across all of our webinars, we manage to get 40 to 50% of your registrants inside your webinars eventually. That's 20% more than any other webinar software that requires a download.

Guess what? We want more. Next milestone: 60%. In order to do that, we want to reduce the registration friction everywhere, beginning with the registration form.

This is why we implemented Clearbit on the registration forms to pre-fill as many fields as possible.

1492605226 prefill gif

We're super excited to share with you the progress of our average attendance in the near future with that new feature.

Take Webinar Automation on the Next Level With our Newest Zapier Triggers

Now that you get all this yummy data, let's put it into action.

We have released a new version of our Zapier integration: you can now send all you attendees data (the ones that actually joined the webinar) inside any app that integrates with Zapier including Salesforce, Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, Hubspot, etc.

1492605283 zapier update png

There are two new triggers:

"Send Registrants When Webinar Ends"

It will sends all the registrants one by one (multiple Zapier tasks) with all the data (e.g has attended or not). Which means you can create filters to only fetch the ones that have attended the webinar.

Note that if you have 30 registrants for example it will create 30 Zapier tasks. So be careful with your Zapier quota.

"Webinar Ends (With Registrants)"

This one will send all the attendees (registrants that joined the webinar). The main difference with the previous trigger is that it will send the using a specific method called "in-line".

It means that it will not run multiple Zapier tasks, but just one. The downside of that method is that not every app on Zapier supports it. Google Spreadsheet is a good example of an app that supports that method.

What is next with Zapier?

We are working on making it global and push it out of beta. We will then be able to create templates of Zaps. It will be a great opportunity to create a "book recipes" of our best Zaps ;)

Misc improvements on Livestorm

We have also released some major bug fixes as well as some improvements on the user experience, such as:

  • We track the GeoIP on your attendees to fetch geographic data such as the city, country, etc.
  • We also display more information on them in webinar room side bar
  • We added some warning popups.

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