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Product Update: Media & Slides Upload + Zapier

We just released a new version of Livestorm with cool updates like the media uploads and new languages.
February 17, 2017 • About 1 min. read

This month has been intensive. We've been a working on a pretty big chunk that has been asked many times: the slides upload.

But we did not stop there.

If you could upload slides why not upload a video? And if you're uploading a video why not uploading a YouTube video?

Eventually, we stopped brainstorming and started building. It's now fresh out of the oven. Enjoy.

Slides and Media Upload

Why is it important? Because sometimes screen-sharing your Powerpoint presentation or your Keynote won't just cut it.

Either because you don't have an external monitor or because it's too complicated.

This is why we enabled you to upload slides (in PDF) and sync those between attendees:

Slides Upload

Uploading a video:

Instead of having slides, you can enrich your webinar with video content like pre-recorded demo or customer interviews:

Or it can be a YouTube video and even cooler: a YouTube Live video:

You can now create webinars to comment a live events like an Apple Keynote or a pitch session like the ones from 500 Startups.

Languages Update: We Now Speak German and Spanish

Many of you asked for it, not everybody is confortable with english and we believe that is better when your software feels like home.

So we added German and Spanish to Livestorm. It will impact the webinar room, the landing page and the emails.

Happy streaming and see you in two weeks ;)

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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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