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Marketing Webinar Automation: One Click Registrations

Learn how to perform frictionless one click registrations to your webinars from your email campaigns.
January 10, 2017 • About 2 min. read

We hope you had a great time during the holidays! We took some time off ourselves to take a step back and start 2017 with fresh ideas.

Speaking of ideas, I had this idea for an experiment. As you know, we want to build the most frictionless webinar registrations in town.

So, what if you could register someone from your email campaigns?

So, let's start this new year with a cool new quick tutorial on our Zapier integration, shall we?

Webinar One Click Registration: The Big Picture

First, I'm going to describe the whole process and then we'll dive into the details of this automation.

Let's take John. John is a potential attendee to one of my webinar, I have his full name and email address.

Send him an email with a custom link inside that says: "click here to register now" or something like "RSVP - Yes".

The link should contain 2 parameters: email and name. The link should like this"john doe".

To parse the right email and name, use your email client variables. In Mailchimp for example it's *|NAME|* and *|EMAIL|*, so it should like this in your template:*|EMAIL|*&name=*|NAME|*.

When John clicks he's redirected to this web page. As the page loads (in the background) a small javascript script will fetch the name and email parameter and post them to a Zapier webhook.

When the script as finished running it will post a success message: "Thank you for registering, you can close this tab now".

The rest is easy: Zapier catches the parameter and creates a new registrant in Livestorm. Finally, John receives a confirmation email from us and voilà.

Webinar One Click Registration: The Zapier Recipe

First, create a webhook action in your Zap.

It will ask for data to validate the webhook, you can use Postman to send data inside the webhook.

Use the same data as you would with you script, so send "name" and "email". Like this:

Click on "Ok I did this" on Zapier and wait for your data to appear:

Note that the name is in full name format so you want to split that full name to get the first name and last name. To do this use the Format action in Zapier.

All good, your Zap is now ready to get that data.

Webinar One Click Registration: The Javascript Script

This requires a little programming but I'll make it easy for you, here's the code. Just replace the Zapier webhook URL with yours.

Insert that code inside a <script></script> tag on your page between the <head></head> tags.

If you don't feel confortable doing this you can ask someone with basic Javascript / programming knowledge to do it for you. The code is very basic. I'm no programmer myself.

Should I use this hack in production?

This experiment is still an experiment. I've never used it in production. However, it relies on our integration and Zapier. Double check the code with a technical person and you should be able to use it on your own attendees.

Try with your team first then put it out there, and let me know how it works!

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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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