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Webinar Glossary

Evergreen webinar

Evergreen webinars are on-demand webinars that are always relevant, regardless of when they were published.

What is an evergreen webinar?

Evergreen webinars are webinars that are always relevant, regardless of when they were published. They are named after the evergreen tree, which keeps its leaves all year round. Like the tree, evergreen webinars stay fresh for a long period of time. Evergreen webinars are automated and are typically available on-demand.

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Examples of evergreen webinars

These webinars draw from topics that are always current. Subject matter that is too trendy doesn’t do well as evergreen content. Anything related to the news, statistics, reports, or pop culture won’t work either. These subjects all have short-term value and will change in the near future.


Evergreen webinars should consist of content that does not change over time. Intercom’s webinar on foundations for strong customer onboarding campaigns is a good example of an evergreen topic. It discusses foundational information about onboarding customers that will not change much in the future. Companies will always need to onboard new customers, the information remains relevant because it consists of onboarding basics that stay true over time.


Similarly, This webinar from Front focuses on 8 simple rules for making customers happy. No matter what is happening in the world, companies will always want to satisfy their customers.

Other examples of evergreen webinars include:

  • Tutorials
  • How to’s
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Expert advice
  • Educational webinars

How to turn a webinar into an evergreen webinar

Evergreen webinars are pre-recorded webinars that have been turned into on-demand webinars by the webinar’s hosts or organizers. Pre-recorded webinars are either the recordings of live webinars or media files uploaded by a host into a webinar platform.


When accessing an evergreen webinar, audiences must first register to a registration page. After exchanging some personal information, audiences are either redirected to the webinar room or sent an access link. Since evergreen webinars are on-demand, they can be watched at any time. The question and poll tab may be used by the audience, although chat is often disabled because evergreen webinars do not have active moderators.

Benefits of evergreen webinars

Evergreen webinars never expire. When automated they run on autopilot, gaining new leads without any additional effort on the part of the webinar organizer. This makes evergreen webinars efficient tools for scaling. They are a low-cost way of generating leads over time.

Evergreen content is also extremely shareable. Experts find that people prefer to share information that brings value to others. In one study, 49% of respondents said that they shared content to inform others of products they care about and potentially change opinions.

Webinars on topics that are commonly searched for drive traffic continuously. Including top keywords in the titles of evergreen webinars will increase their exposure.

When to use evergreen webinars

Evergreen webinars are great for lead generation. Each evergreen webinar comes equipped with a registration page that helps brands capture new leads. Since evergreen webinars are permanent, they can gather new leads indefinitely.

In a marketing funnel, evergreen webinars are used for leads anywhere from the top of to the middle of the funnel. Evergreen webinars can be applied to any step where leads don’t need to be interacted with directly.

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