Livestorm Plugins, Hackathon, and Brand New Lobby
Product updates

Livestorm Plugins, Hackathon, and Brand New Lobby

June was a big month for Livestorm as we launched our Video Engagement Platform, revealed our Livestorm Plugins SDK, and opened registration for our Hackathon. Read on to find the full update!

June was a big month for Livestorm as we launched our Video Engagement Platform, revealed our Livestorm Plugins SDK, and opened registration for our Hackathon.

Livestorm’s new Video Engagement Platform

We’re excited to launch our Video Engagement Platform (VEP): an end-to-end platform to connect, engage, collaborate, and measure all of your video meetings or events in one place. You can read more about our video engagement platform here.

Discover the Livestorm Plugin SDK

In addition to our Video Engagement Platform, in June we launched our Livestorm Plugins SDK. Our new Livestorm Plugins SDK helps you tailor your events to meet your exact needs.

Thanks to plugins, developers worldwide can build features within Livestorm without the hassle of learning our codebase. Novice coders and experienced developers alike can build Livestorm plugins in a matter of minutes. Find more details about the plugins on this page.

Plugins SDK Livestorm

Join Livestorm’s hackathon for a chance to win

Livetorm is hosting a four-week global virtual hackathon in September. It’s the perfect opportunity for developers to prototype new Livestorm Plugins!

The teams that build the best Livestorm Plugins will have a chance to win a $ 15,000 prize pool, with first-place prizes of $5,000! For more details on the Livestorm Hackathon, visit our event page.

Product updates

We brought you a new update to improve the way you join events.

Enhance the way you join events with Livestorm’s new Lobby

Joining events as a host or speaker versus as a participant should be a different experience depending on your type of event. This is why we're introducing the lobby to enhance how you join your event. Think of the lobby as an intelligent waiting room. It will automatically appear (or not appear) based on the speaking permissions you've set for your event.

Read the complete update for more info on this latest feature.


Register for our event: The Future of Video

On July 7th, join our expert panel in this event as they discuss the future of video engagement. Video has made tremendous strides in terms of both technology and usage and impacted our everyday lives over the past few years. So it is a surprise to no one when we say that video is here to stay. In fact, studies show that by 2022 82% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video.

In this event, Gilles Bertaux, CEO & Co-founder of Livestorm, Austin Canary Head of Video Marketing of and Lawrence Byrd, Director API Product Marketing, of Vonage will discuss:

  • The state and growth of video engagement
  • How video engagement is changing the way we communicate
  • The next technology improvements and trends to be expected

Register now!

Apply to Livestorm!

We’re looking for qualified candidates anywhere in the world. Are you interested in joining our team? Apply to all of our job posts on our site.

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