September Updates: On-demand Webinars
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September Updates: On-demand Webinars

All the updates from Livestorm in September 2018. Slowly rolling out on-demand webinars, redesign for questions and account settings, expanding 1,000 attendees to all customers.

It's time for a summary of what we did in September and a look at what's to come in October.

Livestorm Updates 🛠

On-demand Webinars

Finally, they're here! Or rather... they're close to being here.

We're currently rolling out native on-demand webinars for our clients. If you want to be a part of the beta test, message us and we'll activate them for your account.

New Free Plan: More time to test

We changed how free Livestorm webinars work: you are now allowed to create as many free webinars as you want, for as long as you want. Free webinars are limited to 10 registrants and 10 live attendees, and have a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

Hopefully, this will allow new users trialing Livestorm to truly test the platform, run a few test webinars and see if it's a fit for them.

1,000 attendees (in beta, message us if you're interested)

Lifting the maximum attendees limit from 500 to 1,000 is right around the corner. We're actively testing this with some of our customers. If you're expecting to go over 500 live attendees on an event happening soon, please let us know so we can ensure it'll go smoothly for you 👌

Questions redesign

Questions are an important part of Livestorm webinars. They allow viewers to get answers on the topics important to them without disrupting the presentation. We refreshed how they look, just a bit.

We made the "someone is answering your question" message a bit more visible:


And here's a glimpse at what an answered question looks like:


That should make things easier when navigating through all the questions asked by your awesome attendees!

Account settings redesign

We made a few improvements to your account settings tab, making it easier to navigate.

Livestorm News 🗞

October 23: Webinar with Leadfeeder - Launch your B2B Webinar Like a Boss

On October 23, Gilles will join Peter Sterkenburg from the Leadfeeder team for a joint webinar about webinars... how meta!

The big focus of their discussion will be about launching Webinars for B2Bs. This is a topic both Gilles and Peter are preeeet-ty knowledgeable about, so you probably don't want to miss it!

A look at the roadmap 🗺

On-demand webinars, the final touches

We still have a bit more to do about on-demand webinars to make them extra awesome. So that'll be a big focus for us in October.

Team-wide accounts, progress

Yep, that's still in the works! 🎉

And that's it for the month. Happy webinars ✌️


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Thibaut Davoult

Thibaut Davoult

Thibaut Davoult has been leading Growth at Livestorm since 2017. He has over ten years of experience in SaaS growth and marketing.