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Alkemics Turn Clients into Product Champions with Livestorm

Lucas Demange, Marketing Manager at Alkemics, explains how the company trains its customers more efficiently through webinars using Livestorm.







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About Alkemnics

Alkemics is a platform that helps retailers track and share product data with suppliers. Alkemics works with retailers such as Auchan, Casino, Unilever, Nestlé and Carrefour. The American company Salsify acquired Alkemics in May 2021.


Results seen with Livestorm


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Adoption: simplicity and integration with Salesforce

To choose the best webinar platform, Alkemics did some in-depth benchmarking based on several criteria. First and foremost, Lucas needed a solution that was easy to use and that was why he turned to Livestorm. He explained,

Our teams adopted Livestorm quickly. The platform is very easy to use and offers all the features we needed.

In addition, automation and integrations played an important role in the selection of the webinar platform. In particular, Alkemics needed an integration between Salesforce and Livestorm, which is available with the Enterprise plan.

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Objective: improve the training process

Lucas was looking for a platform to conduct group customer training. Webinars proved to be an effective training solution. Webinars allowed Alkemics to bring together customers from the same company in a single session and save time.

Thanks to the onboarding webinars, Alkemics was able to quickly increase the skills of its users. Lucas has seen the following:

  • Faster product adoption
  • Better understanding of the value of the produc
  • Higher retention rates
  • More upsell opportunities

Lucas helped the Customer Success teams adopt Livestorm to create these training webinars. The results were immediate: Alkemics generated several hundred registrations for its webinars and saw a 64% participation rate.


Alkemics's favorite features


Analyze your events’ engagement data with our powerful reports built into the dashboard.

Registration pages

Easily create and customize registration pages that are optimized for conversion.

Event automation

Automate the start and end, or automatically play a video to offer an experience that’s just like “live”.

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Reporting Features

For Lucas and the customer service teams, it's important to understand how well customers have completed the training. With Livestorm's participation and engagement reports, Alkemics can track each customer's involvement. Lucas explained,

With Livestorm, we have true statistical tracking that allows us to report internally and adapt our communication accordingly.

Lucas has noticed that when certain key features are used by Alkemics customers, they become "champions" of the solution. That said, he makes sure that the usage of the features is maximized during webinars. However, he points out,

Webinars give our users the opportunity to ask experts questions. These events create a human and personalized interaction, which is a link we want to maintain with our customers.

Promotional features

The Alkemics team also likes the many promotional features of Livestorm. Lucas is particularly fond of the widgets and sign-up pages. In fact, Alkemics has a dedicated training page on its website that contains a Livestorm registration widget. Lucas pointed out,

Livestorm offers a simple user experience: customizable registration pages that can be created in just a few clicks.

Alkemics also uses the event automation features to speed up the organization of webinars. Based on these results, Lucas plans on increasing the number of webinar topics in the coming months to continue turning Alkemics' customers into experts.

To get the same results as Alkemics, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“With Livestorm, our webinsars see several hundred registrants and we notice faster adoption rates of the Alkemics solution.”

Lucas Demange

Lucas Demange

Marketing Manager

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