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Jobber Saves 1.5 Hours of Preparation Per Month

Aidan Wakefield, Customer Success Manager, explains how Jobber uses Livestorm to make his team's customer training and onboarding more efficient.






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Jobber is a service business solution that allows company of all sizes to manage their invoicing, accounting, and customer reminders from one convenient place. Jobber is used by over 200,000 professionals worldwide.


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Adoption: ease of use and engagement

When Aidan began looking for a webinar platform, Jobber was growing very quickly. Jobber's Customer Support was always in demand, so Aidan saw webinars as a way to scale and reduce the reliance on one-on-one contact.

After benchmarking different webinar software, Jobber chose Livestorm because of its ease of use. Aidan particularly enjoyed the fact that Livestorm could be accessed directly from a browser and did not require a download.

In addition, Aidan noted that webinars held on Livestorm have been more interactive than on other platforms. He said to us,

On Livestorm, it's much less intimidating to ask a question; the chat is fun and people participate! The other platforms did not encourage enough of this.

The Salesforce native integration was another reason Jobber adopted Livestorm. Aidan explained, "It's really been a sea of change for us. Previously, we were manually exporting CSV files and, in the end, we couldn't do anything with those contacts because of time constraints. Now, when someone registers for a webinar, we feed this data directly into our CRM."

Objective: saving time with webinars

Aidan implemented a tactic of webinars to train and educate customers. Gradually, these webinars also became a way to promote all the new Jobber features and create content by verticals.

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When Jobber launched its customer training webinars, traffic to the webinars increased exponentially. In fact, the first few customer training and onboarding webinars generated an average of 800 to 1,300 registrations per webinar!

Thanks to these events, Aidan's team can save time by encouraging group training. The ease of use of Livestorm's platform also contributed to this success. He explained,

From 2 hours of preparation per month to update the webinars, I went to 30 minutes maximum with Livestorm.


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Aidan especially liked the integration between Livestorm and Salesforce, which allowed for the synchronization of contact participation and engagement data. Thanks to this integration, better follow-ups are now being done by his team.

In addition, Aidan also pointed to Livestorm's ease of use for webinar organizers, as well as the ease of logging in for participants. He assures that this is a differentiating point compared to other webinar platforms he has tested in the past.

Finally, Livestorm's built-in tools, such as the email cadences and registration pages, saved Jobber's teams valuable time in creating their webinars. Aidan said,

We don't need to connect multiple tools together to create registration pages or reminder emails. Livestorm offers a turnkey solution.

In the coming months, Jobber will continue to use Livestorm for its onboarding and customer training webinars, while continuing to create customized webinars for each vertical.

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“Livestorm is very easy to use. There are downloads necessary and it's much less intimidating for participants to ask questions.”

Aidan Wakefield

Customer Success

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