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Teamleader Accelerates Its Lead Generation in 6 Regions

Maxim Beaten, Marketing Automation Expert, explained to us how Teamleader uses Livestorm for its lead generation webinars and customer training.







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Teamleader is an all-in-one management software that brings together CRM, invoicing, and project management tools for SMEs. Teamleader is used by more than 66,000 professionals every day.


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Adoption: software with marketing tools

Prior to switching to Livestorm, Teamleader's teams already had a well-honed webinar strategy. Teamleader held a customer training webinar every two weeks, so webinars were an important part of their customer service toolbox.

In addition to these customer training webinars, Teamleader decided to organize marketing webinars to educate the market, while targeting a wider audience. However, Teamleader realized that they needed a better webinar software.

The Teamleader team was using different tools to host their webinars, but these software were not up to speed in terms of marketing features. This pushed the team to look for a solution that would really meet their needs.

Maxim discovered that Livestorm offers integrated marketing tools, such as email cadences, registration pages and analytics, all in one platform. The fact that Livestorm is available in more than 20 languages was also a nice surprise for Maxim. He explained,

With Livestorm, we can create our registration pages and emails in any language - it's perfect!

Finally, it was the ease of use and the possibility to access Livestorm without downloading that finally convinced Maxim. He said,

We chose Livestorm for its ease of use. The webinars are accessible directly from the browser and without downloading, which creates an ideal experience our participants.

Goal: Webinars to accelerate growth

With Livestorm, Teamleader decided to accelerate its webinar marketing strategy to expand its presence in six key countries. In doing this, Teamleader's marketing team achieved its goals! Now, Teamleader organizes webinars for six different regions every two weeks.

Below is an example of an on-demand webinar organized by Teamleader in Dutch. The title, which says "Billing Can Damage Your Health", makes a discreet nod to the image in the background.

Webinar Teamleader Livestorm

These marketing webinars generate a large number of registrations: 300 registrations on average per webinar. The generated leads are then enrolled in nurturing workflows and qualified by the sales team. Maxim explains,"We use webinars as our go-to lead-generation machine".

At the end of the marketing webinars, the moderators position Teamleader as the ideal solution to address the topic presented in the webinar. Maxim adds,

What makes webinars more interesting than other types of content is their scalability. You find a good presenter, a good topic, send the invitations, and that's it!

Thanks to on-demand webinars, Teamleader even generates leads after the webinars are held. As a result, Maxim has been able to reduce the Marketing team's workload significantly, while creating interesting and engaging content. He insists,"From a productivity standpoint, the webinars have proven to be excellent for our marketing efforts!"


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As the Marketing Automation Manager at Teamleader, Maxim needed to be able to synchronize data between Livestorm and HubSpot, their marketing automation tool. He explained,

We do our lead scoring through HubSpot, so it was very important for us to integrate Livestorm with HubSpot and the rest of our tools.

Thanks to the native integration with HubSpot, Livestorm fit into Teamleader's marketing and sales environment without any problems.

Moreover, Teamleader's teams appreciate Livestorm's marketing tools a lot. In particular, Maxim uses Livestorm's registration pages and email cadences to create and customize its webinars.

Finally, Maxim added that the quality of support is one of Livestorm's advantages over all the other webinar platforms,

In addition to Livestorm's impeccable support, the features are exactly what we like and use.

Diversification of Livestorm usage

Before adopting Livestorm, Teamleader was already holding training webinars. The Customer Service teams also started using Livestorm for their customer training.

Maxim explained that new customers are automatically invited to training webinars via an automated email sequence.

In addition, the training webinars programmed as recurring events, meaning that the registration page is constantly updated with new upcoming webinars. On average, about 30 customers register for the training webinars.

At the moment, Teamleader organizes all its webinars (whether marketing webinars or customer trainings) through Livestorm. In the coming months, Teamleader wants to accelerate the organization of marketing webinars in certain regions by recruiting regional marketers.

To get the same results as Teamleader, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“With Livestorm, we can create our registration pages and emails in any language - it's perfect!”

Maxim Beaten Marketing Automation Expert

Maxim Beaten

Marketing Automation Expert

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