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How Teamleader Uses Livestorm to Scale Lead Generation

Teamleader is an all-in-one CRM, project planning and invoicing software that allows your SME to work smarter.






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What is Teamleader?

Teamleader is an all-in-one CRM, project planning and
invoicing software
that allows your SME to work smarter. Teams can use Teamleader to
manage their whole customer journey from lead to customer with
returning business, while improving their workload and productivity.

The search for a better webinar tool

Before Livestorm, the Teamleader team was using a combination of
tools to hold webinars. The webinar tools they were using lacked in
terms of features and support from a marketing point of view. That
pushed the team to look into better solutions that fit their needs.

We try to be a customer-centric company, it was very important to
offer multilingual support to our users. One of the reasons why we
needed a new tool was that there was just a limited amount of
languages available in the tool that we were using. With Livestorm,
we can set landing pages and emails in different languages very
easily- it is just great.

Was Livestorm's multilingual support the only reason to switch
webinar tools? According to Maxim Beaten, Marketing Automation
Expert at Teamleader, the ease of UX, no download and customer
support were also important:

Another reason why we chose Livestorm was its ease of use. Also
the fact that it is browser-based provides the ideal webinar
experience for us and registrants alike. Along with the helpful
support you've provided us, these really made up the biggest
advantages for our use case.

Webinars as a way to accelerate growth

Webinars have been always an important part of Teamleader's customer success and marketing strategy.

Before we started using Livestorm, we were actually running an
active webinar plan, but they were mainly for customer success.
Every week or every two weeks we held customer success related
webinars about a specific topic, educating new customers that we onboarded about how to get the most out of that topic.

They also wanted to use webinars for lead generation, but before all of that they wanted to get the trial conversion rates up.

For marketing, we liked to use webinars for lead generation of
course, but before all of that, we really focused mostly on getting
people to start Teamleader trials.

The Belgium based company decided to pull more weight into their
webinar strategy to accelerate growth in all 6 other countries
they're currently operating.

We realized that to accelerate our growth in other countries as
well, we didn't only want to target the bottom of the sales funnel
where people were ready to start the trial. We actually wanted to
move up that sales funnel. So we really wanted to educate that
market and reach a higher, broader audience.

Webinars at core of a marketing strategy

According to Maxim, the marketing efforts around webinars have grown exponentially since.

Right now, we are running marketing related webinars in all of our countries every two weeks. We started building up a webinar program. We're maintaining relationships with our field marketers in different countries and actively recruiting speakers and trainers regarding a certain topic.

So they started experimenting with this idea and started recruiting
people for a specific webinar topic to tackle the whole top of the
funnel of the market. This proved to be a huge success; they were
able to get a lot of registrants, generate leads, nurture them in
their own cycle, and make them qualified for the sales team.

We really use webinars as a lead generation machine. When someone
signs up for a webinar, we send some emails to educate and nurture
about the webinar topic. The goal is to get them to become a
marketing qualified lead and so we can send them over to sales.

Their end-game is to transition and align Teamleader with the
webinar topics.

At the end of the day, we position Teamleader as the ideal
solution for the topic they initially had a webinar about.

Scaling the top of the funnel with webinars

For Teamleader, holding webinars is one of the best ways to tackle
the top of the funnel part than any other types of marketing

What makes webinars actually more interesting than other content
types is that they're very scalable. You find a good speaker and a
good topic to talk about, you send out the invitations, and that's
it! Once the webinar is done you can use the recording as an ondemand webinar for lead generation, and can just move on to the next topic. We found that it was actually a more scalable setup to tackle the top of the funnel.

Thanks to webinars, they were able to cut down their workload
significantly while keep creating interesting and engaging content.

From a productivity point of view, webinars have proven to great
for our marketing efforts!

Teamleader's webinar playbook

Teamleader has two different webinar playbooks: one for their
customers and one for their leads. So how do they handle the webinar promotion?

For customers, webinars are incorporated to their onboarding through a sequence of automated emails. They also have a general webinarpage that is always updated with new upcoming webinars.

For leads, their marketing webinars are campaign based. They send
out a monthly newsletter where they mention upcoming webinars. This
has also been a nice way for lead reactivation in their existing
database. They also use Facebook advertising to generate webinar

According to Maxim, Livestorm has fit into their sales and marketing environment quite nicely:

As we are using webinars for both our customer success and
marketing efforts, it was very important for us to integrate
Livestorm with Hubspot and the rest of our current stack. We use
Hubspot as our marketing automation system to create and update our
contacts, but for lead scoring as well.

All in all, when hosting webinars, Teamleader comes prepared to
ensure success:

Always do a dry-run before your webinar, on the same day. Make
sure that everyone knows what they have to say. And make sure
there's one technical person on stand-by in case there are any
issues. If something goes wrong during a webinar, you don't want to
be the only person who tries to fix it.

We try to be a customer-centric company, it is very important to offer multilingual support to our users. With Livestorm, we can set landing pages and emails in different languages easily- it is just great!

Maxim Beaten

Marketing Automation Expert

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