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Livestorm for SaaS Companies

2019 marketing polls are unanimous: video is the fastest growing medium in content marketing for SaaS businesses. Webinars are at the center of this shift, allowing to scale product demos and sales calls to a broader audience, regardless of location.

4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Video marketing has been on the rise for years among SaaS businesses, and the trend is bound to keep going in 2019. More than 60% of marketers and small business owners said they planned on increasing their video marketing efforts in the next year. In a marketing study, Animoto found that 4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. An increasing number of SaaS companies include webinars in their conversion funnel. Either to convert prospects, or to facilitate the onboarding of new clients.

They are already hosting webinars that convert:

Drive real engagement with webinars and convert your leads into customers

  • Product demos at scale

    No matter what stage you're in, as a SaaS company, you're probably running live product demoes to convert or onboard new customers. Using webinars to demo your product is a great way to scale your presentations. This way, you can focus your 1-on-1 demo efforts to engage your most valuable leads.

  • Real time interactions

    During SaaS webinars, audience members will always have questions to ask. Choosing a webinar software that facilitates interactions allows you to address all these messages. Run a live Q&A session, or gather questions and answer them in a follow up call or email after the webinar.

  • Integrate webinars into your marketing stack

    To fully leverage the potential of webinars, they need to be an integral part of your marketing stack. Whether you're using them for lead generation or customer training and retention, you need to leverage their data and automate reminders and follow ups to get them to work for you.

Drive real engagement with webinars and convert your leads into customers

Livestorm can help you qualify leads early on and increase conversion.

Host webinars with your marketing and sales in mind.

Try Livestorm for free now

Real-Time Software, No Download

While using webinars for marketing and sales, you need to watch out for your conversion rates. Livestorm works directly from the browser and provides a smooth experience for participants, increasing the registrant to participant ratio.

Rich and Flexible Content

Livestorm offers a lot of features to give you freedom in your presentation. You can share your screen or an app view to host a live demo of your product. You can also opt for reliability and play a video, a YouTube link, or upload slides and images for your presentation.

Measure Webinar ROI

Livestorm's analytics dashboard helps you measure your webinar's impact and easily follow up with your most engaged participants. Livestorm also supports custom tags allowing you to track visits on your webinar's landing page. Send data to your existing marketing stack using Zapier integrations.

Real-Time Software, No Download Rich and Flexible Content Measure Webinar ROI

"What I found interesting with Livetsorm was the fact there was nothing to install, that everything was web-based. The ease-of-use and UX were also a big plus. It is really efficient."

Anthony Brebion
Anthony Brebion, Product Marketing Manager @ AB Tasty

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