Video Glossary

Live Video

Also known as a livestream, a live video is a method of broadcasting video content in real time.

What is a live video?

Also known as a livestream, a live video is a method of broadcasting video content in real time. It’s a way to share events, conferences, and presentations with audiences as they happen. Viewers can watch the event in the moment without any editing or delays.

What’s the difference between streaming and live?

Streaming refers to the process of transmitting data over a network in a continuous flow. It allows users to access and view media files without downloading them to a device. Livestreaming refers specifically to broadcasting video content in real time, as it happens.

Benefits of livestreaming

The biggest benefit of livestreaming is its ability to reach a wide audience, regardless of their physical location. When you stream live video, anyone with an internet connection can watch your broadcast.

A livestream also lets you engage with viewers in real time. As a result, you can create more personalized and immersive experiences for viewers as you broadcast live.

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How to host a livestream with Livestorm

Follow these steps to produce a livestream using Livestorm:

  1. Set up your equipment: To livestream, you need a device with a camera and a microphone, such as a laptop with a webcam or a standalone camera.
  2. Choose a livestreaming platform: With Livestorm, you can livestream to small or large audiences using a browser-based tool that doesn’t require an app download.
  3. Check your internet connection: You need a stable connection to livestream. Before going live, use Livestorm to check connection speed and stability.
  4. Schedule and promote the event: With Livestorm, you can schedule livestreams in advance, promote them via email and social media, and send reminders to boost attendance.
  5. Interact with viewers: To make the livestream more engaging for viewers, have a moderator or host facilitate discussions, host Q&A sessions, and chat with viewers.

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