Webinar Glossary

Recurring webinar

A recurring webinar is a webinar that occurs repeatedly on a consistent basis.

What is a recurring webinar?

A recurring webinar is a webinar that is hosted regularly. Product demos and training sessions particularly benefit from the recurring webinars format. Recurring webinars have one landing page with many options of sessions to register to.

Benefits of recurring webinars

Recurring webinars make it possible to have one landing page with one URL for one single recurring webinar and all of its sessions. This removes the need to constantly duplicate webinars and create a new landing page each time.

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It is possible to schedule recurring webinar sessions at one time, making it faster to prepare and manage webinars. The recurring webinars are generally grouped together on a dashboard, making it easy to see them at a glance. The dashboard helps analyze results from all events over time without having to export data.

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