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Today’s a great day at Livestorm.

When we started Livestorm a few months back (only a few months, it feels like years!), we had this super optimistic roadmap for the end of 2016. We had planned a huge amount of features.

Turns out, many of those features were not that relevant. But instead, we uncovered new ones from our customer feedbacks. Features that we did not even think of.

Lesson #1 learned: listen to your customers/prospects from day 1.

In June, we had some serious delays in our roadmap. We struggled with technical issues regarding our video solution. We never thought we would recover that time and meet our “rendezvous point” at the end of the year with a polished product.

We were wrong.

Today we are all super happy to announce that (for the first time on the web-conferencing market 💥) we have released a webinar software that does not require any download and is capable of running on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE Edge, IE10+ and mobile, as in Android AND iOS!

And you still don’t have to download anything.

Why a webinar software that works with IE or Safari is such a big thing?

This update is not just a huge thing for us as a company willing to go after the big webinar solutions out there.

It was released because our customers were struggling between having to download something (e.g GoToWebinar) and host webinars only for Chrome and Firefox users, which is okay but far from perfect.

(Or you could use Hangout but you had to experience over 60 seconds delay and a poor UX…Not a great option as well.)

Now, you don’t have to ask yourself that question again. You can have the best of both worlds: have a frictionless webinar software and invite your IE or Safari users.

Is this the final version? What’s left to improve?

The road to a perfect product is never over.

Actually, we just started. Livestorm is only a few months old. And this new version is only a baby step forward.

There’s a lot that we still need to handle and fix, here are a few examples we need to tackle ASAP:

Misc changes with this new version of Livestorm

We also pushed some minor changes to the product, mostly UI improvements on the webinar room to improve your webinar experience.

We also implemented a focus mode to put the focus on a specific stream (webcam or screen).

Also, as requested by a lot of our customer, you can now edit your reminder and follow-up emails with a custom message.

What’s up next with Livestorm?

In the next few days, among other things, we will be working on improving the video and improving the webinar replay. You will get a brand new replay feature very soon.

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