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21 Virtual Meeting Memes to Spice Up Your Work Day

Published on May 25, 2022 • Updated on August 2, 2023 • About 2 min. read

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Need a break from all that hard work? That’s what we thought – so take a minute out of your day to sit back and enjoy these virtual meeting memes. Also, we’ve thrown in some tips and recommendations along the way. You’re welcome!


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Remote work memes

Video conferencing platforms have made remote work possible for millions – allowing for greater freedom in the workplace, cost-saving, and global teams. What’s not to love?

Boost your teams with remote working

Flexible working schedules increase productivity, improve staff retention, and help attract the best available talent.

Waking up to remote work meme

Make a positive impact

Of course, even when you’re working from home, it’s important to keep up appearances.

zoom meeting meme

Learn about who you work with

You might be miles apart, but you can still gain valuable insights into what your team’s all about.

Video conference call meme

Collaborate across time zones

Nowadays, distance is no barrier to great teamwork.

Staff virtual meeting meme

Enjoy creature comforts

But, ultimately, the true benefit of remote work lies in creating the ideal working environment – at home.

Zoom conference call meme

Zoom fail memes

Even with all the best tech available, there are still pitfalls to avoid. So try following these best practices.

Get off to a good start

We recommend checking your audio and video settings before getting things underway.

Remote work meme

Engage your team

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Be ready at all times

There’s really nothing worse than turning on your cam just when you don’t mean to.

Zoom fail meme

Don’t over share

Well, maybe there’s one thing worse.

Zoom fail screen share meme

Customize your background

Have some fun with the team – just try not to freak them out.

Funny meetings meme

Download Livestorm's virtual meeting kit to host efficient virtual meetings using our meeting preparation checklist, agenda and minutes templates.

Back to the office memes

If you’re returning to the office after some time away, you should be prepared for a short period of adjustment. Here are some of the main issues you could encounter.

Getting back to the old routine isn’t easy

Those early starts can be a challenge for even the best of us.

Waking up early for  virtual conference meme

Switching time and place can be disorienting

It’s hard to let go of established ways of working.

Zoom meeting outfit meme

You might take on too much work

It’s probably best to limit expectations.

Back to the office meme

Time away from work can be a cause of anxiety

The key is to always communicate effectively with the team.

Back to the office fail meme

Too many meetings memes

One issue that every team faces once in a while is overcommunication. Here are some tips on how to avoid spending too much time in virtual meetings.

Communicate asynchronously

You can often handle even the most pressing concerns using team communication apps or other software tools.

This could have been an email meme

Keep discussions focused on the key objectives

And when a meeting is required, be sure to stick to the topic in hand.

Zoom meeting agenda memes

Consider the team’s individual schedules

Don’t organize a meeting without checking through everyone’s calendars first.

Early zoom work meetings meme

Remember the value of a good meeting

At the end of the day, though, meetings are a tool for problem-solving, and a great way for the team to collaborate on achieving shared goals.

Too many zoom meetings meme

Virtual meeting memes

Virtual meetings are a fantastic opportunity for team building. Let’s take a look at what else your meetings should always seek to achieve.

Get everyone to contribute

The key to a successful meeting is giving everyone the chance to make their own special contribution.

Zoom meeting fail meme

Provide a platform for in-depth discussions

After all, people need a place where they can fully express themselves, their thoughts, and opinions.

Remote work meme

Engage the whole team

And if everyone’s involved, the whole team benefits.

Work video conference meme

Share your mutual enthusiasm

Buddy, we love virtual meetings, too.

I love virtual meetings meme

Working lunch

And now you’ve enjoyed some of our favorite virtual meeting memes, it must be time for a hard-earned lunch. Bon appétit!

Lunch in work meetings meem