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Bill Miksich, Marketing Director, explains how uses Livestorm to qualify leads through product demo webinars.






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Use case

Product Demos

About is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses engage with prospects and customers through email and text. is now used by more than 4,700 companies.


Results seen with Livestorm

50 leads qualified per month

2 full days of events

Adoption: ease of use of Livestorm

Before opting for Livestorm, the teams used Zoom for their online meetings. However, for webinars, Bill needed an easy-to-use platform. User experience was very important for Bill explained,

I was looking for an easy-to-use platform that didn't just speak to an engineer.

Additionally, was looking for a webinar platform that offered more engagement features in an effort to host interactive webinars. Bill added,

From a functional point of view, Livestorm largely competes with GoToWebinar or Zoom, which have been established a long time ago.

Objective: demos to qualify prospects wanted to run product demo webinars to establish a repeatable pattern of lead generation as opposed to individual demos. Bill explained,

With product demo webinars, for every hour spent, we get a factor of 10 in terms of ROI.

Demo webinars improve prospects' understanding of the benefits of and qualify them even before they create an account or get in touch with salespeople. Bill and his team have succeeded in improving the productivity of the Sales team.

Diversification of the use of Livestorm

In addition to product demos, also uses Livestorm for its marketing events.

After acquiring Parcel in August 2022, hosted a two-day series of virtual events powered by Livestorm. This events series is creatively called "Parcel Unpacked".

Parcel Unpacked created a dedicated registration page on the Parcel site and each session took place on Livestorm. Parcel Unpacked generated over 1,300 signups.

But that's not all, this series of events was a real success because of the engagement of the audience: in its opening session, the participants posted 1,306 messages and 36 questions!

At the end of the event, the and Parcel teams exported the recordings of each session and created a playlist on Youtube in order to continue to maximize the visibility of the event.

In the coming months, will continue to organize product demos and accelerate the organization of marketing webinars.

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“I was looking for an easy-to-use platform that didn't just speak to an engineer. Livestorm offers a very good user experience!”

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Bill Miksich

Director of Demand Generation

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