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How Mailjet uses Livestorm To Generate Qualified Leads

Miles De Paul, Marketing Manager, explains how Mailjet uses Livestorm to set up a series of virtual events to generate leads.







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About Mailjet

Mailjet is an emailing solution for creating, sending, and tracking marketing emails, transactional emails, and SMS messages. Names like Microsoft, Galeries Lafayette, and La Fourchette trust Mailjet to send more than 2 billion e-mails each month. Over 40,000 companies around the world use Mailjet.

Adoption: personalization and reporting

Mailjet had already implemented a webinar strategy in the past, but the marketing teams had encountered difficulties with the solutions used, in particular due to the lack of personalization features.

For Miles, a good webinar software must respect the elements of the brand. So when he discovered that Livestorm makes it possible to showcase company branding in emails, on registration pages, and even in the event room, it made all the difference. He specifies,

Livestorm offers a high degree of customization and allows us to showcase our brand, which is not possible on other webinar software.

As an emailing platform, email branding was particularly important to Mailjet. Miles explains, “Before Livestorm, our attendees were signing up for webinars and receiving automated emails that were heavy in images. This was inconsistent with our brand image and created a very poor user experience.”

But form wasn't everything, as analytics and Livestorm's integrations also played an important role in the decision-making process. In particular, Mailjet teams use integrations to synchronize the data of the contacts generated on Livestorm with their CRM.

Objective: webinars for lead generation

Mailjet uses Livestorm for creating content webinars. The team's first webinar created on Livestorm was about GDPR. It was a very important subject, because Mailjet's e-mailing solution was one of the first platforms to be compliant. The Marketing team had created a complete communication campaign with the webinar as the main lever.

The main purpose of this GDPR webinar was to showcase Mailjet's expertise, so Miles asked the Chief Legal Officer to host it. But as a bonus, this webinar turned out to be a powerful tool for lead generation!

Following the success of this first webinar, the Marketing team decided to create a series of virtual events. He explains, “We noticed that when someone attended one of the GDPR webinars, they would attend subsequent sessions.”

Once the webinar is over, the recording is automatically sent to registrants. The list of participants is also synchronized with the CRM, excluding existing customers, in order to keep only the participants who correspond to the qualification criteria of the leads. Miles clarifies,

We generate more than 100 leads thanks to our webinars, especially in France. It is still a new channel for us, but we are satisfied with these first results.


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Miles and his team chose to go with Livestorm because of its brand customization capabilities. With Livestorm, Miles fully personalizes elements like the following:

  • Registration pages
  • Reminder and follow-up emails
  • Their Livestorm event rooms

Miles can add Mailjet's colors, logo, and background images to organize events that reflect the brand's image.

Additionally, Mailjet's marketing teams track webinar performance on the Livestorm platform. More importantly, they use integrations to sync data with their CRM and to set up business tracking. Miles explains,

The integration with our CRM allows us to transfer leads easily to our Sales team to be worked on.

In the coming months, Mailjet's Marketing team will continue to use Livestorm for their lead generation webinars and accelerate their strategy in the French market.

To get the same results as Mailjet, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“Livestorm offers a high degree of customization and allows us to showcase our brand, which hasn't been possible on other webinar software.”

Miles De Paul

Miles De Paul

Marketing Manager

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