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Recruitee Generates 1,000+ Thanks to Their Marketing Webinars

We spoke to Pierre Vandenberghe, Content Marketer, and Daniella Janis, Events Marketing Specialist at Recruitee to find out how they use Livestorm to establish their brand and generate leads.







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About Recruitee

Recruitee is a modern Talent Acquisition Platform with an applicant tracking system used by 3,000+ companies worldwide. Founded in 2015, Recruitee has revolutionized the hiring process for everyone involved: recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. More than just a recruitment software, Recruitee focuses on making hiring collaborative.

With over 100 employees and offices in Amsterdam, Poland, and New York, Recruitee is a European leader in their category. In 2019, they were ranked number 21 among the fastest-growing SaaS companies globally. Their success is no surprise when considering their constant innovation.

When they aren’t breaking new ground on the technology side of things, Recruitee is gearing up for their North American, and DACH region expansion. Recruitee uses Livestorm to establish their authority in their market segment, creating content to generate leads and awareness. We spoke with Pierre Vandenberghe, Content Marketer, and Daniella Janis, Events Marketing Specialist at Recruitee about how they use Livestorm to accomplish their goals.


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Creating valuable content for better leads

Recruitee’s marketing team uses Livestorm to create their events and collaborate across the team. Pierre and Daniella are both part of the Content and Buzz Team and have a shared goal of generating quality leads and raising awareness for Recruitee. They tailor their messages to address three personas during their online events: hiring managers, recruiters, and decision-makers.

As super-users of Livestorm, Pierre and Daniella are experts in creating quality content.

Our goal is to create valuable content for our audience - that’s where the word 'buzz' comes from: we create content to generate leads and awareness in order to promote our platform and the value for our users,” explains Pierre.

Usually, Pierre and Daniella brainstorm on creating bottom of the funnel content for the community and decide what content should be created for a virtual session that can be of value to the community. But their process hasn’t always been centered on virtual event content.

As the events manager at Recruitee, Daniella’s role has completely pivoted since COVID-19. Before the crisis, she was in charge of offline events, but now she's a Livestorm power-user.

According to Daniella, “In the remote world my job has completely pivoted from offline events to online events. Now, I’m using Livestorm to create really engaging events.

Measuring success is easy

Pierre and Daniella have always used Livestorm for the Content and Buzz Team, even before COVID-19. And as the rest of the world moved to digital operations, Recruitee followed suit. Today, they trust Livestorm for its advanced analytics, easy-to-use interface, and rich features.

In a digital world, everything needs to be more trackable. We like using Livestorm for content creation and online events because of its advanced analytics. We can measure and track data with Livestorm and learn what is most impactful for our audiences by simply looking at the dashboard,” says Pierre.

One key benefit of using Livestorm is being able to generate leads quickly, with minimal involvement from other teams. For example, in 2020 Recruitee generated over 1000 new leads through Livestorm.

As an intuitive tool, Livestorm is easy to use when collaborating across teams. After a fast onboarding, team members can have full ownership over their events. Sales demos, content webinars, online events, and more are easily created and replicated across the company. Daniella especially likes how fast it is to create new events by simply copying previous events.

According to Daniella, “Livestorm is very intuitive and easy to use. Everyone is in charge of their event from start to finish.

Rich features for engagement, conversion, and promotion

Pierre and Daniella love using Livestorm because of its rich set of features.

Polls and questions are great to use to find out what people are interested in,” says Pierre, “and separating the chat from the question tab is such a great thing because, as a host, you can really focus on the question tab without too many distractions. People can upvote questions and you know exactly which ones are the most engaging for your audience.

Daniella especially likes using the CTA feature for dropping resources throughout the events and for converting audience members.

She shares that, “the CTA function is great because you can use it strategically to interact with and engage the audience.

Sharing media files and launching polls is another way Recruitee uses Livestorm to engage their audience.

The promotion process is equally important for Recruitee and it’s why they are so happy with Livestorm’s built-in emailing system.

As Pierre says: “The automated emails for the promotion are nice. We don’t have to set them up ourselves so we can automate the whole process.”

These rich features make it possible for Recruitee to scale their content operation, using Livestorm to create events with ease.

Moving into new markets with a killer strategy

Next up for Recruitee is their expansion to the North American and DACH region markets. They are doubling down on their data-driven processes and count on Livestorm to power their content and events. They are looking forward to implementing more creative events during this exciting period with Livestorm.

To get the same results as Recruitee, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“In the remote world my job has completely pivoted from offline events to online events. Now, I’m using Livestorm to create really engaging events.”

Daniella Janis

Events Marketing Specialist

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