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Webinar Glossary

Webinar moderator

Webinar moderators help to mediate webinar presentations by supporting the role of the speakers and host.

What is a webinar moderator?

A webinar moderator is a team member that helps to mediate a presentation. Moderators can be used for live or pre-recorded webinars. Their main role is to ease the role of the speakers and host by being reactive in the chat and questions tabs.

What can moderators do?

A moderator’s main role is to mediate the questions and chats that occur within a webinar room. So, it is logical that they can respond to messages, and even exclude participants if necessary.

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Participants may need to be excluded if they are from a competing brand, or if they are posting inflammatory statements.

Moderators can see all of the messages that are in the chat tab, as well as the people tab even when it is hidden. In addition to moderating content, moderators can help with displaying specific interaction features. They can send messages to the audience to support the presentation and take the workload off of the hosts. You can learn more about webinar moderation in this help doc.

Why do webinars need moderators?

The speakers of a webinar already have a lot of things to keep in mind. They must deliver their information in an engaging way, without making any mistakes. This can be difficult to do while also keeping up with the chat tab of a webinar room, and answering every question that surfaces from attendees. The webinar moderator facilitates the webinar process and offers support to the webinar host and speakers.

How to be a good moderator

The moderator should have ample knowledge of the subject matter so that they can answer questions in depth. Moderators can come equipped with a plan for encouraging discussions. Having some questions or talking points handy can spark conversation among attendees. Creating polls in advance will engage the audience. And being familiar with the webinar platform will only help to moderate high-quality events.

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