Webinar Glossary

Webinar host

A webinar host runs the webinar by guiding the audience and the speakers through the main functions of the event.

What is a webinar host?

A webinar host is the team member that is in charge of running the webinar. Hosts generally are in charge of starting and ending the webinar, introducing speakers, and leading a live q&a. The host guides the audience and the speakers through the main functions of the webinar.

Webinar hosts are often in charge of welcoming the audience and outlining the agenda of the discussion. A host is sometimes referred to as the “master of ceremony” because they lead the presentation. The host is often the person who will point out the chat, question, and polls tabs on the webinar software. They may invite audience members to use these tabs to interact with the presenters.


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What can a webinar host do?

A webinar host has control of nearly every function that occurs in a webinar. They are the “lead” of the webinar and therefore can determine when it can start and end. Hosts generally have access to features and tabs that the audience doesn't see. For example, the list of participants or private questions.

Who should be a webinar host?

The host is usually a representative of the brand who is making the content for the webinar. Therefore, a host has the important role of guiding the webinar from start to finish and making sure the content stays on brand.


The host is not necessarily the person that organized the webinar from start to finish. Rather, the host is a person chosen by a team to be the face of the brand. Some companies hire freelancers that specialize in event hosting. It’s a good way to ensure a good pace and atmosphere of an event.

Whether selecting someone in-house or hiring a professional host, it is important to choose hosts who are personable and have high levels of energy on camera. They must be knowledgeable about the subject matter being discussed, which can help smooth the conversation flow. A webinar host can help the speakers and moderators by responding to questions and by adding helpful insights to the topic material.

How to be a good host

The host should be at ease leading the presentation. Good hosts are knowledgeable about the subject of the webinar and interact easily with the hosts and guests. Hosts should practice how to use the webinar software before the presentation. This will help the presentation run smoothly without any technical mistakes.


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