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Creating a great webinar experience from start to finish has never been so easy.

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Browser-based webinars
Why on earth should you download an app? All you need is a URL and a modern browser.
Unlimited HD webinars
Host as many webinars as you want. Do them in high definition (depending on your bandwidth).
Chat during webinars
The good ol' chat. We gathered all the best practices to make it super simple to use.
Here’s a webinar basic. Share your screen with your attendees. Hit a button and that’s it.

Browser based

No-download webinar software for any browser, on mobile or desktop

For the first time, you can actually rely on a webinar software that works 100% in your browser without any restriction for your attendees. They can attend your webinars on mobile or desktop with their favourite browser.

Use cases

Webinar software that adapts to your needs

It's easy to customize Livestorm to fit any use case you can think of. From lead generation events to internal communications, we've got you covered.

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