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17 Webinar Promotion Best Practices

The way you promote your webinars can impact your attendance rate! We gathered the best tips and tricks to help you with this process.
August 10, 2016 • About 3 min. read

Update: Since this article was published, we gathered all our tips on webinar promotion in this Webinar Promotion Checklist

Usually, the main goal for webinar hosts is to have a lot of attendees. The number of people who attend can depend on your topic, your landing page, and even which webinar tool you choose to use.

But often, it’s your webinar promotion that impacts your attendance rate. We gathered the best tips and tricks to make sure you get high attendance rates every time you host a webinar.

When should I start the promotion?

You should promote your webinar at the beginning of the week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday generally rank higher for pre-registrations.

You’re more likely to get the best success when you have two weeks to promote your webinar. But you can go up to 2.5 weeks for promotions if need be. Also, 95.4% of pre-registrations happen before the day of your live event.

Pro tip: focus your effort on the “starting now” email. Usually, those emails get a 35–40% CTR!

Boost your webinar promotion before the webinar

1. Use your attendees network

One simple way to promote your webinar is to use your attendee's network. Incentive shares during registration or during your webinar. You can also suggest email forwards.

2. Blog post promotion

Create a teaser blog post in which you highlight the key learnings of you webinar, your guest, or any other valuable information. Add a clear CTA to register.

3. Create a blog widget

This one is pretty easy. If you’re using Wordpress, you can add a promotional ad image to your webinar in your sidebar. One click and it should redirect to your webinar registration page.

4. Promote it on your homepage

Drive the traffic from your homepage to your webinar page. Just add a CTA in a popup or in a top bar.

5. Linkedin post

What’s great about LinkedIn is their notification system. Let’s say you have over 1000 connections. Posting your webinar on a Linkedin Post will notify those 1000 connections. Don’t abuse this tactic, otherwise your engagement rate will drop with time. Use this for special webinar with prestigious guests.

6. Twitter Lists

Twitter lists work like LinkedIn posts. You can notify all those people at once fairly easily. Having a list is not a promotional tool, but it gives you a potential audience for an ad campaign or a massive tweet storm.

7. Twitter cards

Twitter cards are awesome. You can create a card on your Twitter Ads dashboard and reuse that card for free. For instance, if you create a « Lead Card », the CTA will fetch the email and the user info when submitted. You can customize your card so the user info is sent to a Zapier web hook. Once is on Zapier, you can trigger a registration on your webinar software (if it has a Zapier integration).

8. Emailing campaign

Here's an oldie but goodie. Segment your customer audience to make sure you are sending the right message to the right person and shoot webinar invitations. Even better, send different campaigns to different customers based on their profile. Exemple: if your webinar is about sales and lead generation, don’t send the same message to the sales team and the marketers.

9. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups could be a nice touch inside your promotion strategy. Just make sure the group is active, people are engaged and that they fit your target audience.

10. Slack channels

Some Slack channels are a good way to drive traffic to your registration page. Just like LinkedIn, look for engagement and target fit.

11. Forums or Facebook groups

Facebook groups are super engaging. People get notified and it’s easier to get some traffic out of it. For crowded groups, make sure you post at a good time.

12. &

If you don’t know or, you should definitely check it out. Those communities share the best links around marketing and growth. My advice is to participate actively there before considering sharing your own stuff. Also, make sure your webinar will bring a real value to their members.

13. Repeat with your guest’s network

If you have a guest, all the previous steps can be applied to your guest network. Team up to duplicate the efforts.

14. Bring gifts

Nothing like something exclusive at the end at the webinar to increase attendance rate. Pick something that makes sense for your audience, it could be a trial extension, a promo code or even a piece of content like a free ebook.

15. Webinar hashtag

Create a specific Twitter hashtag for your webinar and increase your reach. Ask your team to repost your answers or polls on Twitter. Engage on Twitter at the same time to extend your visibility and bring more people in.

Boost your webinar promotion after the webinar

16 Follow up

Always remember to follow up! Send the video, the slides, a transcript of the questions, maybe even some data (like poll results). This way, you ensure more visibility and a better conversion next time.

17 Repurpose your content

Consider republishing your webinar on landing page with a Wistia player or on Youtube. Also, don’t hesitate to reuse your content on Slideshare, blog posts or even tweetstorms.

Another cool trick is to repost your answers to your question on Twitter. And use your webinar hashtag ;)

Hope you find some interesting tricks to test. Let us know how you did in the comments. And don’t hesitate to share the tips that you like!

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