Webinar Glossary


Podcasts are audio files that are made for on-demand online access.

What is a podcast?

A term first introduced in 2004, “podcast” is a blend of the words iPod and Broadcast. As the name suggests, podcasts are audio files that are made for online access. Similar to talk radio programs in their structure and purpose, podcasts differ in that they are always available. Once published, a podcast can be accessed by listeners regardless of where they are in the world.

Since podcasts can be streamed or downloaded, they can be accessed on any device and at any time. In fact, according to a 2018 Nielsen study, 40% of podcast listening is done at home and 22% of people listen when they are in a vehicle.

Podcasts vs webinars

The main differences between podcasts and webinars:

  • Podcasts aren't interactive
  • Podcasts have themes and a "cast"
  • Lengths vary greatly
  • Podcasts cover niche topics
  • Webinars are more flexible
  • Webinars are visual

Podcasts are not interactive. While listeners can submit questions, they can not be answered in real-time as podcasts are pre-recorded. Similar to TV shows, podcasts follow specific themes and involve a “cast” of speakers who remain the same for each episode. They can vary greatly in length, from 15 minutes to two hours. And the topics covered by podcasts are often niche. Many podcasts hosts use podcasts to build communities.

Audiences can access podcasts whenever they want, fitting them into their schedules when time permits. This created a sense of trust for audiences, as the podcast’s hosts accompany them as they drive their car, do their dishes, or perform other personal activities. Fans often engage in online forums to discuss their preferred podcasts, and audiences tend to be very loyal.

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Webinars are designed and distributed in professional settings. Distributed online, webinars are more flexible than podcasts. They can be live-streamed, made available on-demand, or be recorded and shared at a later date. Webinars are made to stand on their own as individual pieces of content. Hosts and topics can change as needed. Since webinars have a video component, they can explore topics from a visual perspective. at great depth. And since they are distributed during working hours, they are used as educational tools for interested viewers.

Turning webinars into podcasts

Webinars can be easily turned into podcasts:

  • The webinar is automatically recorded
  • Isolate the audio file
  • Add effect like music
  • Upload the new podcast file to the desired channel or website

It is possible to turn webinars into podcasts. Each webinar will be automatically recorded by the webinar platform. After the webinar, the audio file needs to be isolated from the recording. Effects, music, and quality corrections can then be added to the audio file. The process is completed by uploading the file to the desired podcast channel or website.

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