Webinar Glossary

Webinar mistakes

Common webinar mistakes include poor internet connections, disruptive noises, bad lighting, and poor equipment.

Pulling off a great webinar means avoiding common mistakes like a spotty internet connection, disruptive echos, and bad equipment. Here are some of the top webinar errors and how to fix them:

  • Spotty connection
  • Infinite screens (mirror effect)
  • Bad echo
  • Annoying background noises
  • Bad lighting and background

Spotty connection

A bad connection will impact a webinar’s video and audio feed. Video streams may become so pixelated it is hard to see anything or have a frustrating lag. And audio becomes choppy when streaming through a bad connection.

This can be avoided before the webinar begins by checking the technical requirements of the software. This will help determine which browser or device to use, as well as ensure the connection speed. A spotty connection can be improved by connecting the computer directly to an ethernet cable.

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Infinite screens (mirror effect)

If the screen of the webinar room is shared with attendees it causes an infinite loop of reflected images (kind of like a mirror at a funhouse). This is easily resolved by switching away from the browser tab that is hosting the webinar room. To keep it from happening hosts should use a separate monitor just for screen sharing, or share a specific tab or application window.

Bad echo

Sometimes when running a webinar the mic makes odd echo noises or unpleasant feedback. This can be caused by a few things like the placement of the microphone or the location of other presenters. The microphone should always be far away from the speakers. And if there are multiple computers with active audio in the same room, participants should all use headphones.

Annoying background noises

The sound of a barking dog or even shuffling paper on a desk are sounds that a microphone can pick up during a webinar. These extra noises can distract from the overall message. That’s why it’s a good idea to remain on mute when not speaking.

Bad lighting and background

Preparing for a webinar might include creating a script and meeting the hosts. But a step that is often overlooked is the lighting and background of each presenter. Messy surroundings make hosts seem less credible, and bad lighting is distracting for viewers.

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