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7 Webinar Ideas for Internal Communication

Published on October 26, 2018 • Updated on December 7, 2022 • About 4 min. read

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After years of webinars, we noticed that use cases correlates to company sizes and types.


Livestorm helps teams collaborate and deliver memorable live or on-demand video experiences.

The importance of internal communication

Internal communication is an abstract concept that differs depending on the context. Fortune 500 companies and startups have different approaches to team communication.

Often, there's an economic link between communication and productivity. Better internal communication means better ideas, less errors, less misunderstanding. Bad internal communication results in loss in revenue. If you multiply this risk by the number of persons involved in this communication, you do the math.

Better internal communication means better ideas, less errors, less misunderstanding. Bad internal communication results in loss in revenue.

To sum up:

  • Team communication is important at any stages of your organization
  • Good communication is a gain in productivity and revenue
  • Good communication means not having to repeat yourself
  • Good communication means removing all potential friction (distance for example)

How to leverage webinars for team communications?

Webinars can help with the points above because:

  • It makes easy to group 10s up 1000s people at once in one place
  • You can host live group sessions across the globe
  • You can survey and gather questions in one place
  • You can provide an evergreen replay of the meeting instead of sending notes. Hence the need for on-demand webinars

In this post, I will cover how organizations can leverage webinars to enhance their internal communication.

Board Meetings & Company Results

From startups to Fortune 500, investors meetings can be difficult to manage. You depend on a lot of different stakeholders locations and agendas.

Depending on the size of that meeting you can:

  • host a live meeting with a a few remote investors
  • host a live webinar to present your quarterly results. Have a live Q&A, gather opinions, etc. Attendees who could not show up will then have access to the replay.
  • turn your live webinar into an on-demand webinar to keep a repository of your board meetings

Bonus: with the registration process, and attendance analytics, you can keep a legal track of their presence. You can use the polls feature to explicitely confirm their presence.

Partner webinar meetings

This relates to the above. If you are working with suppliers and/or partners, you can host group sessions to gather and share information.

The type of sessions (meetings or webinars) will depend on the size of that audience, the needs for interaction, etc.

Group stand ups

If you are familiar with agile project management you probably know what a stand up meeting is.

For the rest, stand up meeting are small quick daily meetings (usually standing up, hence the name) to check the ongoing tasks.

The more you grow the bigger the team. Often you will have team members in different locations. Not ideal for stand ups.

A good solution is to host them remotely. Either in the form of a live remote meeting (what we do at Livestorm) or in the form of a daily webinar.

For the latter you can:

  • Gather attendance
  • Survey progress on projects using the polls
  • Gather questions
  • Share different kind of materials
  • Offer a replay / on-demand replay of those stand ups

Employee On-boarding Webinars

For large companies, having an on-boarding webinar is great many reasons.

  • People from different departments and locations can meet you "in person"
  • New hires can interact with each other
  • As a manager, you can share basic company knowledge and best practices with them

For an introduction to the company, you can ask them to attend an on-demand webinar, as part of an on-boarding checklist.

Here's how to integrate BambooHR with Livestorm to register someone to an demand webinar when a new employee is created (click on this link to set the zap automatically)


  • Intro: Jane, VP Engineering EMEA — Live Q&A
  • Livestorm Knowledge: Who's Who & Core Values

Group Hiring Sessions

At a higher level in the HR funnel, you can host webinars for hiring purposes.

Like a marketing webinar, you have two options:

  • share what you company does and how it is to work there,
  • or qualify potential candidates for a given position.

The latter obviously apply if you have a high volume of applicants for a given position.


  • Applying to Livestorm? Fireside chat with our engineering team.
  • Learn more about life at Livestorm

Company Training Webinars

With the recent GDPR Mayhem, you have an obligation to train your team on different topics: new data regulation, security, etc.

A good way to train them at scale, at once, with most efficiency (and track presence for legal purposes) is to host internal training webinars. Of course you can apply the same logic for any kind of trainings ;)

A couple example of internal training webinars:

  • How to set up your developer environnement at Livestorm
  • Overview of our marketing stack
  • A sales demo example (great for junior sales!)

Internal Knowledge Base

This one is actually an extension to the previous example. If you have good trainings, you can build a library of on-demand webinars for internal knowledge.

We also have a real-life example with WPP. They host webinars for sharing what other teams have accomplished. This helps other teams with new insights and ideas.

A combination of live webinars and on-demand webinars is a great way to build an amazing source of ideas and knowledge at a very large scale.

Examples include:

  • US marketing team: How we achieved +20% growth in SEO last month
  • How We Create Fast Prototypes using Figma and React using our Internal API
  • How We Manage Large Enterprise Accounts in Singapore
  • Roadmap: Progress on Project XYZ
  • Internal Live Q&A — Patrick, VP Sales EMEA

To go further and discover how to use webinars in your company strategy, check out this page dedicated to company communication and create a free Livestorm account now.