10 Effective Sales Meeting Ideas to Motivate Your Remote Team

Published on August 31, 2021 • Updated on December 7, 2022 • About 4 min. read

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As a leader, sales meetings are your chance to talk through targets, create innovative campaign strategies, and seek new ways to benchmark your department's performance. But, when your team is remote, how do you keep everyone motivated?

You may have the tools and talent to run a successful remote sales team, but inspiration can dwindle when everyone is working in separate locations.

You can use daily or weekly team gatherings to get everyone revved up and ready to be productive. Here we’re going to tell you how to create motivational meetings for sales in a remote setting.

This article will cover virtual sales meeting ideas to will keep your employees engaged and inspired.

Let’s get started.

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10 Sales meeting ideas to engage remote teams

From motivational topics and meeting icebreakers to gathering feedback and setting agendas, we’re going to explore the motivational sales meeting ideas that will boost productivity across the board.

1. Set a sales meeting agenda

Rather than gathering your team to talk about general figures and performance, you could dedicate your meeting to brainstorming ideas about your next seasonal sales campaign.

This will give your team a place to focus their efforts during the meeting, boosting motivation in the process.

Once you’ve set your topic, you should also share a basic sales meeting agenda with your team along with your invite, so everyone is on the same page from start to finish.

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2. Come up with a common goal for the sales team

Sharing a common goal with your team is an effective sales meeting idea as it will give everyone the focus to work towards a collective outcome.

Your common sales meeting goal could be to come up with the main theme and concept of your next seasonal sales campaign.

Armed with this meeting mission, everyone will stay engaged and motivated—bouncing off each other as you brainstorm ideas.

This increased level of collaboration will keep your team’s motivation consistently high.

3. Use meeting ice breakers

Hosting a remote meeting can prove awkward at times. But, with a good sales meeting icebreaker, you can get the conversation started and the ideas flowing. Here are some icebreaking ideas for your inspiration:

  • Ask everyone in the team to tell everyone an interesting fact about themselves, starting with you.
  • Ask a question based on your meeting topic and get everyone to type their answer in your meeting software's chat feature—you can go through the responses together afterward.
  • Play a fun word association or music, film, and movie naming game.

4. Gather feedback from the sales Reps

Asking your team for feedback will boost motivation levels. You can request feedback during your meeting by using your meeting room’s chat tab or by creating simple polls.

Not only will using these features give everyone the confidence to voice their opinions — making them feel more valued — but you will also gain regular access to the insights that will make your future meetings more valuable and motivational.

5. Get everyone to talk

When you host a remote sales meeting, it’s easy for some team members to clam up and fade into the background.

When this happens, peoples’ motivation levels will drop through the floor. This might sound simple, but getting everyone to turn their cameras on will spark face-to-face engagement and encourage everyone to speak during the meeting.

6. Use the power of video

To add a healthy dose of inspiration to your sales meeting and grab everyone's attention, you should use the power of video to your advantage.

This could be uploading short YouTube clip based on your meeting topic to the meeting room, a TED Talk or even hosting a livestream— the point is, we humans respond best to visual stimulation and by adding a video into the mix, you will make your meetings more memorable (and of course, motivational).

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7. Provide value

In a sales meeting context, providing value is about making sure your content leaves everyone with:

  • Something to do or think about
  • Something that helps them perform better in their role
  • Something that will help make their job easier

When you're refining your meeting notes, consider these three elements and how you can weave them into your meeting topic. Offer your team value and they will go away feeling inspired.

8. Be transparent

One golden rule of any successful remote sales meeting: never skirt around important subjects and always use clear, transparent language.

Be honest with your team and back up your statements with reliable stats, facts, and figures where possible.

Transparency equals trust, and trust equals motivation. Aim for complete transparency, and every sales meeting will be a success.

9. Keep it short

The length of your sales meetings will depend on your desired outcome and topic, but you should never let it run longer than necessary.

Waffling on will bore your team and leave them feeling unmotivated (the opposite of what you’re looking to achieve).

Stick to your agenda, give everyone a head’s up on how long you expect the meeting to run, and aim to wrap up everything within an hour, if possible.

10. Follow up

To keep your sales team motivated post-meeting, you should send everyone a follow-up message with a short, snappy overview of what you discussed, the outcomes, things to do, and links to useful resources.

Following up with individual team members will also lift engagement and help you ensure that your meetings offer maximum value to everyone on the team.

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"If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears."—Simon Sinek

We hope these practical tips help you make your remote sales meetings engaging and motivational. By using a reliable, accessible, and innovative video chat platform, every meeting will connect your team in a way that makes everyone feel valued and inspired.

And, when everyone feels connected, your sales team will thrive.