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10 Best Online Meeting Apps in 2023

Published on November 15, 2022 • Updated on August 2, 2023 • About 15 min. read

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Maybe you’re looking for a multipurpose virtual meeting app that lets you host internal meetings, sales calls, webinars, and customer training. Or maybe you just want a tool that can promote engagement and interactivity in your remote or hybrid business.

Either way, you can’t find the right meeting app that answers your exact needs. No sweat! We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best online meeting apps for you to explore their features in-depth and choose the one that makes more sense for your business.

Video engagement

Experience powerful video engagement

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Why do you need team meeting apps?

According to, there are 11 million online meetings held daily in the US. You need an online meeting app to help you make the best of those interactions, to follow virtual meeting best practices, and have quality calls with clients or colleagues. A video meeting app helps you to:

Build connections with professionals in different locations

Good online meeting software attempts to mimic the experience of real-life interaction. This means you can build genuine connections, close deals, and get to know your coworkers without hiring office space. It also makes it easier and cheaper for you to expand operations by connecting virtually with clients and stakeholders in different geographic locations.

Reduce commuting time

Meeting in person with clients or peers usually meant spending a substantial amount of time commuting. Virtual meeting apps reduce those in-person meet-ups and let you go over important team meeting agenda points using video. Your team will be more efficient when they don’t need to go anywhere to work together effectively, especially if you use a platform like Livestorm that can integrate with collaboration tools like Miro.

Improve team productivity

If you make the most of engagement features like the Q&A tab or live polls, your video meetings will be even more productive. But the secret to great virtual meetings is fostering a culture that doesn’t go for meetings by default. Check if a meeting is a good use of time (or if it could have been an email) and make sure non-attendees can catch up async by setting up automatic recording.

10 Best online meeting apps in 2023

There are hundreds of video conferencing platforms to choose from. We’ve narrowed your search down to the top 10 online meeting apps you’ll find in 2023.

1. Livestorm - Best online meeting app for enterprise

Livestorm is the one platform you need to host all your video communication, including meetings and webinars. Create registration pages and review analytics after virtual encounters to get prospects through the sales funnel. We also offer a large set of features that help you boost engagement and follow virtual meeting etiquette.

company meeting on the video meeting app Livestorm

Main features and benefits

  • Scheduling tools and calendar integrations. Attendees can sign up, choose their preferred date using our Calendy integration, and get an email reminder.
  • Easy room access for external attendees. Since Livestorm is browser-based, anyone can join without needing to download any applications.
  • Automatic recordings. You can automatically record webinars, meetings, and training calls, and share recordings via email after the event.
  • Custom branding. Customize the entire meeting room to amplify your brand and look super professional.
  • Shadowing (for sales teams). Sales team leads can join sales calls to monitor performance, but will be hidden from prospects (unlike on Zoom, where they automatically appear on the screen).
  • CRM integrations. Integrate with CRM systems like Pipedrive and Hubspot to nurture leads through the sales funnel.
  • In-app interactivity. Livestorm comes with several functions for people to participate and engage with the meeting. Some of these are:
    • Q&As
    • Polls
    • Timer
    • Emoji reactions
    • Breakout rooms
    • Virtual whiteboards

Star feature: Breakout rooms

We received a lot of requests for this feature. As a result, we have added breakout rooms to the list of live engagement features. Breakout rooms split attendees into smaller groups to spur collaboration. These rooms can be chosen randomly or manually, and users have access to the virtual background library to stand out in breakout rooms.

Users like it because

Livestorm users love that they can save time and easily scale communications with stakeholders via automated virtual meetings, training sessions, and marketing events.

“Livestorm helped us scale our training programme tremendously from 15 sessions a week to about 32, while also freeing up a significant chunk of time internally.” said Nick DeSimone, Customer Education Lead at Workable.


Livestorm is free to use for small teams (up to 30 attendees) having 20-minute meetings. Then, pricing starts at $88 per month based on annual billing. Large businesses and enterprises require a custom quote.

2. Webex - Best meeting app for multinational companies

Using Cisco's Webex video conferencing app, you can easily connect online attendees with people in physical conference rooms that have Cisco technology. This app offers real-time translation captioning from 13 different languages, that way you can have multilingual and global conversations smoothly.

team meeting on the virtual meeting app Webex

Main features and benefits

  • Background noise reduction. Webex does a great job reducing distracting sounds when someone is speaking. This increases the quality of the video call.
  • Hand gesture recognition. Webex offers a really exciting functionality that recognizes hand movement and sends out live reactions.
  • Personalized layout. All meeting attendees can move and arrange their meeting layout so they can choose who to see on their screens.

Star feature: Real-time translation

One of the most unique features that Webex has to offer is its ability to translate over 13 spoken languages into written captions of over 100 languages. If you’re comparing Webex vs Livestorm, that’s one feature we don’t offer - but our pricing plans are generally more affordable.

Users like it because

Users enjoy using Webex because it has made their teams much more productive and efficient.

“We are seeing as much as 60-70% reduction in the amount of time it takes to make decisions. Problems are resolved before construction begins and this helps our teams deliver projects faster, optimize costs, and better satisfy clients,” says Tomislav Žigo, Chief Technology Officer at Clayco.


Webex offers a free plan for meetings up to forty minutes long with up to 100 attendees. For business plans, pricing begins at $25 per user per month.

3. Microsoft Teams - Best video meeting app for enterprises

Microsoft Teams mixes immediate chat communication with hosting teams and one-to-one meetings. This platform makes it really easy for colleagues to jump on a quick call. Teams has become widely popular among big corporations.

PowerPoint presentation on the most popular team meeting apps, Microsoft Teams

Main features and benefits

  • Contact status information. This platform shows the availability of each one of your colleagues. You can see if they’re available, away, busy, or sharing their screen.
  • Ease of use. The app is highly intuitive and easy to use. It’s also easy for external users to attend a Teams meeting through a browser. If you’re comparing Teams vs Livestorm, you’ll notice that ease of use is a common feature between the two.
  • Blocking notifications when someone is presenting. This platform changes your chat status to “presenting” if you’re sharing your screen and you can choose to pause notifications during that time.

Star feature: Giving control of your screen to others

This feature is particularly useful when you’re having IT problems. You can share your screen and give control to the IT support representative that's assisting you. That enables them to fix your technical issues without being physically in the same room.

Users like it because

Microsoft Teams users enjoy that you can collaborate and communicate with colleagues and external parties immediately and through video.


Microsoft Teams has a free version for 60-minute meetings with up to 100 participants. Then, pricing starts at $4 per user per month, based on the annual subscription.

4. Google Meet - Best Google app for online meetings

Google Meet is a great video meeting app for individuals and businesses. It’s browser-based on computers but requires an app to access from your phone or tablet. Google Meet is part of the Google Suite and it requires no effort to send calendar invites with a Meet link automatically attached.

team meeting on the virtual meeting app Google Meet

Main features and benefits

  • Dial-in audio connection. Just like Livestorm, Google Meet users can call a local phone number, enter the meeting number and pin, and access the call using their phones. That’s a great feature when you’re having connectivity issues.
  • Picture-in-picture view. Google Meet lets users share their screens, work on them while they’re presenting, and see the faces of their colleagues using a picture-in-picture view.
  • Meeting host control. Google Meet gives hosts the power of muting, pinning, or removing participants from the call and ensures a smooth meeting.

Star feature: Live captions

This feature is only available in English but, if that’s enough for you, it’s a great way of ensuring colleagues don’t miss out due to deafness, different word pronunciations, or connectivity issues.

Users like it because

Google Meet users enjoy it because they get to see all the participants on video easily.

“We’re big fans of Meet… It’s helpful to be able to see every participant. This is extremely helpful these days. All our internal meetings are on Meet right now as we are all working from home,” says Oliver Mientz, IT Manager, Burger King Deutschland GmbH


Google Meet is free to everyone who has a Gmail account for meetings up to sixty minutes and 100 attendees. To upgrade the video conferencing plan, you have to purchase the complete Google Workspace solution and prices start at $6 per user per month.

5. Slack - Best app for meeting instantly

Slack is commonly known as an instant messaging app for businesses and online networks. It lets you create channels to segment the different communication topics. Slack also supports audio and video calls within the same platform.

three employees in a huddle on one of the top 10 online meeting apps, Slack

Main features and benefits

  • One-click meetup. You only need to click once to start a video call on Slack. You can ask someone through the chat if they’re available to meet and hop on a call without switching apps.
  • Async video and audio meetings. Sometimes you need to share your screen or use audio but your colleagues might not be available at the time. Slack lets you record an audio or video to share and get asynchronous answers.
  • Huddles. Slack introduced this functionality to allow users to join and leave the huddle as they please as long as the room is available. That means that they can join a group call even if they missed the ring.

Star feature: Two people sharing screens

In Slack huddles two people are allowed to share the screens at the same time. Whereas in most meeting apps, only one can do it simultaneously.

Users like it because

Users love having calls using Slack because it’s a way of doing it fast without having to create a meeting link or switching platforms. But if you’re using Slack, you probably need an additional video platform for planned meetings.

“If you need to have a conversation, you’re not going to schedule it with a calendar, you going to stay in Slack. With huddles, we can look at each other on video. We can thread the conversation. We can screen share at the same time as our colleagues. Huddles keeps teams moving with work in one place,” says Tamara Jensen, Principal Technical Product Manager at T-Mobile.


Slack has a free limited plan that supports one-to-one calls. The paid version includes up to 14 meeting attendants among other features. Pricing for paid versions starts at 6,75 € per user per month based on an annual subscription.

6. Zoom - Best free online meeting app for individuals

Zoom grew exponentially during the pandemic and is now one of the most popular online meeting apps. It used to only be accessible through an app, but it’s now available from any browser. Zoom supports up to 10,000 meeting attendees depending on your plan.

business presentation on one of the most popular online meeting apps, Zoom

Main features and benefits

  • Screen sharing and annotation. Zoom allows for the host or attendees to share the screen and co-annotate, making the meeting engaging and interactive.
  • Engagement features. Zoom offers a large list of features that promote interactivity. These include:
    • Filters
    • Polls
    • Hand raising
    • Audio sharing
    • Reactions
  • Using slides as a background. Just like the TikTok green screen filter, Zoom lets you share your slides as a background while you speak in front of them.

Star feature: Meeting transcripts

Instead of connecting to third-party software for transcriptions, Zoom can automatically transcribe your meetings. That way you can easily scan through it and share meeting notes with everyone on the team.

Users like it because

Zoom users enjoy using this platform because of its quality and ease of use.

"The quality is amazing. We’ve had fantastic results all over the company,” says Rujul Pathak at Zendesk.


Zoom is free for meetings with up to 100 attendees that are less than forty minutes long. Then, pro plans start at $14.99 per user per month. If you’re comparing platforms like Livestorm vs Zoom, you’ll find that Zoom falls on the expensive side since it charges per user.

7. Whereby - Best platform for video-driven companies

Whereby is a platform for video lovers that offers two different products: meetings and video embedding. With Whereby you can communicate with your team through a conference or record videos to embed them into your SaaS tool or website.

a team huddle on the virtual meeting app Whereby

Main features and benefits

  • Browser-based. Whereby doesn’t require an app to function. You can connect with others directly from your favorite browser.
  • Zero learning curve. This platform is intuitive and easy to use, users can set it up and start hosting meetings in a few minutes.
  • Interactive and engagement features. Whereby lets users collaborate on a whiteboard, react with emojis, and go on breakout rooms.

Star feature: Custom URL

Whereby lets you personalize the URL adding different parameters to promote a specific behavior during the meeting. For example, adding the parameter “?video=off” to your URL, means everyone who joins will have their cameras off by default.

Users like it because

Whereby users enjoy how easy it is to create video calls and get a shareable link to invite others in real time.

“Whereby makes it super simple for collaborating teams to jump on a video call. A single meeting link shared instantly ensures a moment of creativity is never lost,” says Andrey Khusid, CEO at Miro.


It’s free to use for meetings with one host, up to 100 attendees, and no longer than 45 minutes. Then, prices start at $6.99 per month. The cost changes if you need additional meeting hosts.

8. ClickMeeting - Best app for huge online events

ClickMeeting is an online meeting app that’s mostly used for webinars, conferences, on-demand videos, and huge online events.

woman speaking at an online webinar using the ClickMeeting app

Main features and benefits

  • Host webinars for large audiences. This platform is similar to Livestorm in the way it enables you to host large webinars (up to 1,000 attendees) and increase your sales through video content. It’s also a great solution for online classes and seminars.
  • Create automated webinars. ClickMeeting lets you have ongoing pre-recorded webinars to increase your sales without your manual intervention.
  • White-labeling. One of its best features is that ClickMeeting lets you brand your conference rooms to your liking.

Star feature: Hosting paid webinars

ClickMeeting integration with PayPal allows you to host paid webinars, charge attendees, and get the money directly into your PayPal account.

Users like it because

ClickMeeting users like this platform because it’s easy to use and you can host both paid and free events within the same app.

“Compared to other webinar software platforms within ClickMeeting, you just have to set up a few options. You decide if you want to do a paid or not-paid event - the platform thinks about all the rest. You can focus on what you really want to do,” says Arturo Tedeschi, Creative Director at A > T.


It offers a 30-day free trial, then, prices vary depending on the size of your audience. The starting price is $25 per month based on the annual subscription.

9. Yammer - Best social media for broadcasting live company events

Yammer is a corporate social media platform owned by Microsoft. It’s intended for people to share personal and professional posts with their teammates. Yammer also has the option to broadcast live video.

woman delivering an online event presentation on the video meeting app Yammer

Main features and benefits

  • Live streams or broadcasts. Hosts can stream company Town Halls or All Hands Meetings to the entire company and allow people to interact with organization leaders through chat.
  • Native integration with Office 365. Yammer is part of Microsoft 365, so it integrates natively with all Office Workspace apps. Using Yammer for any other form of meeting that requires more than one person speaking online isn’t possible.
  • Access to the host's profile. Since Yammer is a social media site, you can review the broadcast host’s profiles to get more information about them before joining the live video.

Star feature: Live streams

If you only do this once every quarter, you don't need to pay for a costly tool that can host thousands of users to stream company-wide meetings. Yammer’s live streams are a great alternative to that problem.

Users like it because

Users enjoy Yammer because it breaks down silos between different locations and departments. It’s also easy to use and content is accessible in the cloud and on mobile.

“Yammer has been at Manhattan Associates for over 2 years. It is used across the globe and across all departments so that we can work more effectively. Key initiative to break down silos, help departments work together, find answers when we don’t always know who to ask,” says Dawn Gartin, Collaboration Manager at Manhattan Associates.


You can’t purchase Yammer alone, if you want to use it, you need to sign up for one of the three Office 365 enterprise offers that begin at $10 per user per month.

10. Adobe Connect - Best meeting application for custom visual designs

Adobe Connect is a meeting platform that enables users to personalize the visual aspects of their meetings, webinars, and conferences.

A screensharing of budget documentation on the video meeting app Adobe Connect

Main features and benefits

  • Storyboards with custom layouts. This means you can choose how you want to position the attendees and the host video on the screen of each one of the participants. You can create room templates to share with your team.
  • Persistent virtual rooms. You can design and create virtual rooms once and use the same configuration in the future as many times as you want.
  • Virtual backstage. This allows hosts and facilitators to collaborate in private while the meeting is running

Star feature: Engagement dashboard

Hosts that use Adobe Connect to host meetings have access to the engagement dashboard. This feature lets you review your meeting engagement score based on participation. You can use this information to adjust your meeting agenda depending on the engagement levels.

Users like it because

Adobe Connect users enjoy that they can create training programs for others and automate them using the learning management systems (LMS) integrations.

“Adobe Connect opened up our training program to become an around-the-clock, one-stop education shop,” says Steve Bamberger, National Training Manager for eLearning at America Business Solutions, Inc.


Pricing for Adobe Connect starts at $50 per month for meetings up to 25 attendees.

Video engagement

Experience powerful video engagement

Livestorm helps teams collaborate and deliver memorable live or on-demand video experiences.

Which of the most popular online meeting apps is right for you?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what video conferencing is and why using the right team meeting app is important, you can choose the right software for your business.

If you’re looking for an instant and less structured way to meet your teammates in real-time, you should consider using Slack Huddles. If you’re already familiar with this platform for IM, using the video conferencing functionality will be a straightforward process.

However, Livestorm might suit you best if you’re looking for a high-quality team meeting app that allows you to host bigger audiences with more interactivity. Livestorm is also a least expensive alternative to other meeting applications like Zoom or Webex.

Frequently asked questions about online meeting apps

What is the best app for online meetings?

The best app for online meetings is the one that fits your budget and business needs. If you’re looking for the one that has the best price-to-value ratio, you should consider Livestorm.

What is the best app for free online meetings?

Google Meet is one of the best apps for free online meetings. You just need a Gmail account to get access. If Meet doesn’t cut it, you can try using Livestorm, we offer a free plan for meetings under 20 minutes.

What are 3 online meeting apps like Zoom?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Zoom, you might want to look into these three online meeting apps:

  1. Livestorm
  2. Webex
  3. Adobe Connect

What’s the best app for group meetings online?

The best app for group meetings online is Livestorm. This platform will let you handle all your video conferencing needs in the same app. Livestorm lets you host:

  • 1:1s
  • Team meetings
  • Webinars
  • Sales demonstrations calls
  • Virtual large conferences
  • Marketing events

4.7 stars - 1,000+ reviews

5,000+ organizations trust Livestorm to host their online events