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Arrière-plan virtuel salon
Arrière-plan virtuel plage île mer
Wall of bookshelves in cozy library
Livestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm background

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How to add a virtual background on Livestorm


Livestorm Virtual Background

Select any image, whether it's from our own virtual background library or a photo you took. The recommended size is 1280 by 720 pixels and JPG format.


Livestorm - How to add Virtual background

Set your background before joining the event. Click on the "+" icon to upload your own virtual background. And you're ready to stream!


Livestorm settings for Virtual background

It's possible to change your background during your event. You just have to click on the Audio and Video settings button.

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Where can I download free funny virtual backgrounds?

Bring a touch of hilarity to your video events and virtual meetings with our library of free funny virtual background images! Our collection of cool virtual backgrounds will liven up your videos and events in a way that the “blur” tool just can’t compete with.

If you are a virtual teacher, using a silly or humorous virtual background can help encourage your students to pay more attention, engage more deeply, and ultimately retain more information. If you are an adult managing employees in a professional workplace, using a personal virtual background can help humanize you and improve your teambuilding efforts.

There is no need to have a boring gray background when you can showcase your love of The Office, Friends, animals, retro music, and more! Therapists, coaches, and counselors can also benefit from funny virtual backgrounds. Pictures of cute animals doing silly things, “Happy Friday” motivational images, and even cheesy visual jokes can help bring some comfort and levity into places where they are most needed.

Of course, our funniest backgrounds might be considered inappropriate for professional situations, but they’re perfect for any aspiring YouTube reviewer or Switch streamer looking to make a splash in a highly competitive market! Edgy backgrounds depicting aliens, dinosaurs, zombies, or the latest “cringe” internet meme can help you connect with your viewers and demonstrate that your channel is worth subscribing to. Download our free funny webcam backgrounds and start entertaining your audience today!