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Arrière-plan virtuel salon
Arrière-plan virtuel plage île mer
Wall of bookshelves in cozy library
Livestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm background

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How to add a virtual background on Livestorm


Livestorm Virtual Background

Select any image, whether it's from our own virtual background library or a photo you took. The recommended size is 1280 by 720 pixels and JPG format.


Livestorm - How to add Virtual background

Set your background before joining the event. Click on the "+" icon to upload your own virtual background. And you're ready to stream!


Livestorm settings for Virtual background

It's possible to change your background during your event. You just have to click on the Audio and Video settings button.

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Where can I download free office virtual backgrounds?

Download some free virtual office background images that can help make your online event, virtual meeting, livestream, or video conference make a lasting impression. Livestorm offers some of the best office backgrounds on the Internet, guaranteed to highlight your level of professionalism and expertise during virtual conferences.

Your free virtual office background can display a standard office space; a humble work cubicle; a comfortable home office; or an impressive CEO corner office in a highrise building! A professional office background can lend you an air of credibility and help audiences trust that what you have to communicate is valuable.

An executive office background can be useful for those targetting luxury goods markets, like cars, fashion, and real estate. An artistic, beautiful office background can be helpful for those in creative fields, such as graphic design, interior design, and advertising.

If you are selling products via virtual sales conferences, a background set in a stylish modern office can help convince prospects that you represent a trustworthy company with reliable, high-quality products.

Other professions outside of the sales and marketing arenas can benefit from a virtual office backdrop, as well. For instance, doctors and lawyers can use a virtual background to help elicit the feel of a real waiting room. Whether you’re hosting monthly video conferences or daily check-in meetings, our virtual backdrop library will enhance your presentations far more than a simple blur tool ever could.