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Arrière-plan virtuel salon
Arrière-plan virtuel plage île mer
Wall of bookshelves in cozy library
Livestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm backgroundLivestorm background

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How to add a virtual background on Livestorm


Livestorm Virtual Background

Select any image, whether it's from our own virtual background library or a photo you took. The recommended size is 1280 by 720 pixels and JPG format.


Livestorm - How to add Virtual background

Set your background before joining the event. Click on the "+" icon to upload your own virtual background. And you're ready to stream!


Livestorm settings for Virtual background

It's possible to change your background during your event. You just have to click on the Audio and Video settings button.

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Where can I download free celebrations virtual backgrounds?

Looking for a way to spice up the holiday season during your virtual meetings and events? Download our free celebration and holiday virtual background images today.

Christmas lovers can try a festive Christmas virtual background full of green Christmas trees, scarlet ribbons, and glowing holiday lights. Or, if you live in a warmer climate, you can try shaking things up with an image of Christmas on the beach! If you practice Judaism, you may prefer to use one of our unique Hanukkah virtual backgrounds, depicting menorahs full of candles.

If you would like to include all winter holidays in your video conference background, just select a nondenominational winter background showing snow-capped mountains, green fir trees, or a downtown winter wonderland.

Once February rolls around, you can keep the festivities going with a romantic Valentine's Day virtual background full of candy, hearts, and roses. Our holiday backdrops include the other three seasons, too. In spring, you can celebrate the advent of new life with a St. Patrick's Day virtual background or an Easter virtual background. In the hotter months, you can select a summer virtual background featuring county fairs, fireworks, bonfires, and more.

And in the fall, you can celebrate all things creepy and crawly with a Halloween virtual background. Last but not least, you can celebrate team member birthdays—or your own birthday—with a Happy Birthday virtual background! No matter what you are celebrating, our cute holiday backgrounds will make your virtual event fun.