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Webinar Glossary

Webinar microphone

Choosing a webinar microphone depends on factors like price, quality, and the mount of the microphone.

Webinar microphones

When deciding upon what kind of microphone to use for a webinar, factors like price and quality are at play. Depending on the format of the webinar, the way that microphones are mounted can be a deciding factor as well.

What is a microphone?

A microphone is a device that converts sound waves into audio signals that can be recorded or transmitted. All microphones consist of a diaphragm, which is a thin material that vibrates when it encounters sound waves. These vibrations are then transformed into audio signals. Two main types of microphones are best suited for webinar purposes: dynamic and condenser. Ribbon microphones are not generally used for webinars because they are more fragile, expensive, and better suited for live music.

Dynamic microphone

Dynamic microphones:

  • Good for beginners
  • Cheaper option
  • Don't pickup as much background noise
  • Usually used by musicians

Dynamic microphones are a good option for webinar beginners. They are cheaper than condenser microphones and do not require a power supply to work.

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Dynamic microphones are made of a lightweight diaphragm and a magnetic component that senses and transmits the sound waves. Dynamic microphones don’t pick up much background noise and the quality of the audio is not as rich. They are better at picking up loud sounds in live settings. They are commonly used by musicians but can get the job done for a novice webinar speaker.

Best dynamic microphones for webinars

Rode PodMic is cheap and has an internal pop filter that helps reduce unwanted noises. It has a swivel mount that makes it easy to position. The Audio-Technica ATR2100 microphone has both XLR and USB outputs, making it a flexible option for podcasting, home studio recording, or webinars.

Condenser microphone

Condenser microphones:

  • Best for experienced speakers
  • Capture complex sounds
  • Work best inside
  • More expensive

Condenser microphones are the best option for experienced webinar speakers. They are designed to capture complex sounds and work best indoors. They are more expensive than dynamic microphones and produce a higher quality sound.

Condenser microphones function via an electric current. Unlike dynamic microphones, condenser microphones need electricity in order to work.

Best condenser microphones for webinars

The Blue Yeti is an affordable option with a mount that can be adjusted in multiple directions, making it great for interviews or conferences. The AKG Lavalier C417PP can be attached to an item of clothing or held by hand, great for round table interviews.

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