Webinar Glossary

Pre-recorded webinar

Pre-recorded webinars are interactive webinars that were recorded live and then made available for distribution.

What is a pre-recorded webinar?

Pre-recorded webinars are webinars that were recorded live and then made available for distribution. They are more interactive than traditional video.


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Polls webinars

Polls, questions, videos, and more webinar automations can be programmed during your pre-recorded webinars. Hosts and team members can moderate pre-recorded webinars without coming up on stage.

Can you chat or answer live questions during a pre-recorded webinar?

Yes, most of the time! It depends on the webinar software you use to host you pre-recorded webinars. But most webinar platforms, such as Livestorm, will allow you to interact with attendees during your pre-recorded webinar.

Live vs pre-recorded webinars: what is the best option?

It depends on the type of webinar you are hosting. Live webinars are always the best option to deliver fresh content and engage with your audience.

However, pre-recorded webinars can be a great solution to streamline your organization, and save time! It's perfect for the following use cases:

What are the benefits of pre-recorded webinars?

Pre-recorded webinars give hosts the opportunity to perfect their content, focus on their presentation, and make their presentations more visual.

Fine-tune content

Once the webinar has been recorded, hosts can watch them and cut out any mistakes or awkward moments. Segments that didn’t play out smoothly can be recorded again and added back into the webinar.

Focus on the content

With a pre-recorded webinar, everything can be planned in advance. This makes it easier for webinar presenters to feel more relaxed during their presentations and focus on their content.

Make presentations more visual

Media can be uploaded to pre-recorded videos after the fact, making them more engaging pieces of content. Any charts, graphics, videos, or effects can be edited to engage viewers.


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