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Livestorm Hackathon, Lighter Registration pages, and Mute Notification
Product updates

Livestorm Hackathon, Lighter Registration pages, and Mute Notification

We’ve shipped a few new updates and are gearing up for this month’s Hackathon! Read on to find out all the details.

We’ve shipped a few new updates and are gearing up for this month’s Hackathon! Read on to find out all the details.

Join Livestorm’s Global Hackathon for a chance to win

Livestorm is hosting a four-week global virtual hackathon. It’s the perfect opportunity for developers to prototype new Livestorm Plugins. You have until September 22nd to submit your Livestorm Plugin!

The teams that build the best Livestorm Plugins will have a chance to win an award from our $ 15,000 prize pool, with first-place prizes of $5,000! For more details on the Livestorm Hackathon, visit our event page.

Product updates

We’ve made some key changes to the app to improve your experience.

The light registration page just got lighter

To give your registrants the most seamless process possible, we've revamped the light registration page to make it even lighter! From now on, a registrant will be asked only for their email address upon signing up or signing in. This simplified workflow applies to everyone, whether you're a team member, guest speaker, or attendee.


New notification when you speak while muted

"We can't hear you. You’re on mute!" If this sounds familiar to you, then this new feature will come in handy. Livestorm will now detect when you're speaking while muted and display a message to remind you!

Find out more about this update here.


A better way to control the location of your video traffic

Need help keeping your video traffic to a specific region for data privacy reasons? Our team is pleased to announce the ability to set your server locations (auto, EU, and the US) for your video traffic!

For example, you can select the EU-based video server option to ensure that all the video traffic for your events gets processed by servers located in Europe only. Don't worry, anyone located outside this region would still be able to access the video streams.

Note that this feature is currently available for Livestorm enterprise customers only. To upgrade your account, we invite you to contact our sales team at!


Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Livestorm

We’ve partnered with the experts at Forrester to create this study highlighting the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Livestorm. You can download this report to learn how organizations benefited from better lead generation & greater efficiency enabled by Livestorm:

  • $273,000 of benefits
  • ROI of 181%
  • Payback period of fewer than six months

And more! Access the free report here.

Learn How to Source, Hire, and Onboard Employees Remotely

Livestorm and 360 Learning have teamed up for a webinar on Sourcing, Hiring and Onboarding Employees Remotely. Join us on September 21, at 10 am ET to learn best practices for hybrid or fully remote HR teams.

Register now!

Apply to Livestorm!

We’re looking for qualified candidates anywhere in the world. Are you interested in joining our team? Apply to all of our job posts on our site.

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