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August Updates: Improved Email Statuses

In August we improved our email statuses and welcomed six new Stormies.
September 1, 2020 • About 1 min. read

The days are becoming shorter, the weather is cooling off and we’re gearing up for Fall. That means that it’s time to talk about everything we were up to in August. 😉

Product updates 🚀

This month our email statuses got a fresh update.

Improved Email Statuses

In the past, the only emails that displayed a status were the default emails that you sent to your registrants. We’ve improved this feature in many ways:

All emails that you send will have a status, including your custom emails. We’ll also display email statuses for guest speakers, so you won’t miss anything!

Finally, you can now check the statuses of all of your email correspondences at once. We’ve added a handy side pane to the app so you can see each status.

Livestorm news 🗞️

In August we welcomed six new Stormies to the team! Plus, we’re seeking candidates for twelve open roles.


The August additions to Livestorm are beefing up our Marketing, Sales, and Customer Care teams!

Marketing gained Hugues as a new Partnership Manager. In his free time, he likes hiking, skiing, and traveling the world. Romain also joined the marketing team in August as Brand Director. When he isn’t creating beautiful designs, he enjoys Simracing and mechanics.

Jumping over to our friends in Sales, Cycling aficionado Ramy joined the team as Sales Operations Manager.

Customer care added Barbara as a new Customer Care Expert. She is passionate about Astronomy, composes electronic music, and knows a thing or two about art auctions.

Another cycling lover, Jamil, also joined the Care team as Customer Care Expert. And last but certainly not least, Hugo joined as a Customer Care Expert. Hugo plays football and tennis, and likes to watch classic movies.

We’re seeking candidates for the following roles:

  • Head of People
  • Content Lead
  • Customer Care Expert (US)
  • Account Manager - Enterprise
  • Sales Administration
  • QA Manager
  • Back-End Engineer (Ruby on Rails)
  • Full-Stack Engineer (Graphql/Ruby/Javascript)
  • DevOps (AWS/Terraform/Ruby)
  • Release Manager

Want to join our remote-friendly team? You can find all of our job posts on our site.

Coming up next🔮

We’ll be debuting our new integration with Miro whiteboards in early September. And later on, we’ll show you our dashboard and room redesign. 🖌️

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