Livestorm’s Public API and Event Speaking Permissions
Product updates

Livestorm’s Public API and Event Speaking Permissions

This article details what Livestorm's been up to in the past month. We cover the launch of our Public API, share some new content and talk about what open jobs are hiring at Livestorm.

The biggest news from February was the launch of our Public API! Plus, we published a complete guide for promoting your online events and hired more teammates. Find out all of the details in this article.

Product updates

In addition to launching our public API, we made it easier to share events, improved speaking permissions, and broadcast audio while screen sharing.

Announcing Livestorm’s public API

We're happy to announce that Livestorm's API is now public! Accessing your data, automating processes, and creating custom integrations is now possible with just a few lines of code. You can read the full announcement on our blog.

Want to know more about Livestorm’s API? 👉 Visit our developer portal.

Customize event speaking permissions

You can now adjust the "Speaking Permissions" when creating or editing your events. Updating the speaking permissions will make it possible to bring the same great features you enjoy in your webinars to any event you host on Livestorm, including meetings.


Share events with ease

Sharing your events is now easier than ever with our new share event module. This module will let you copy the link to your registration page, share it on social media and send email invites in bulk. You can also use our registration widget to embed your registration page on your company page.

For more information about registration pages and the share module, read this help article.


Broadcast audio when screen sharing

You will now be able to share the audio from your Chrome or Edge tab while using the screen sharing feature. To do so, you will need to enable the "Share Audio" setting after selecting the Chrome or Edge tab that you want to share.

Find out more in this article.

Learn how to promote your events

Promoting your events can be challenging. You have to consider what channel to use, when to begin the promotion process, and how to draw more registrants.

Our latest ebook, “Livestorm's Complete Guide to Online Event Promotion,” walks you through how to promote your next event through email, social media, paid advertising, on your website, and through partnerships. We offer tons of expert tips to make your next event a success!

Download your free ebook here.


Join us!

Every Livestorm team is hiring! We’re looking for qualified candidates anywhere in the world. Are you interested in joining our team? Apply to all of our job posts on our site.

That's all for February! We'll check back in next month with more news.

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt has been a Content Manager at Livestom since 2019. She has more than five years of experience in SaaS content writing and B2B marketing.